Kmart announces the launch of digital receipts in Australia

Big change announced in every Kmart store across Australia – and it will change the way thousands of people do their shopping

  • Kmart has announced a huge change to physical paper receipts
  • The store is launching digital coupons to be more climate-friendly
  • Kmart has set up a system where receipts are visible in your banking app
  • The receipts only work with the NAB app, so the physical receipts are still there



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Kmart has launched a digital receipt system in Australian stores to reduce paper waste.

While physical receipts are still available for now, the new technology sends store statements directly to mobile banking apps.

The ‘digital smart receipts’ are facilitated by the Australian tech company Slyp.

Kmart Has Launched A Digital Receipt Service For Customers Who Bank With Nab, The Receipt Is Sent Directly To The Banking App

Kmart has launched a digital receipt service for customers who bank with NAB, the receipt is sent directly to the banking app


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The company offers the same service to many stores, including Country Road and JD Sport.

NAB customers who use their account to make the transaction will now receive an itemized and tax-compliant statement of each transaction in their banking app.

The digital service is currently only available to NAB customers as more banks adapt to the change.

Most physical receipts are not recyclable due to the ink used in printing, so disposing of receipts will reduce the amount of paper waste produced.

The Digital Receipt Service Is Currently Only Available To Nab Customers, But Will Soon Be Available At Other Banks As Well

The Digital Receipt Service Is Currently Only Available To Nab Customers, But Will Soon Be Available At Other Banks As Well

The digital receipt service is currently only available to NAB customers, but will soon be available at other banks as well

Kmart believes the move will “improve” the shopping and returns experience for customers, as having a digital copy of the receipt reduces the risk of loss.

“At Kmart, we are always looking for ways to enhance and improve our customers’ in-store shopping experience,” said Lil Velis-Bowker, chief customer officer at Kmart.

“Slyp Smart Receipts allow our customers to process returns more easily, but also have a history of their purchases from Kmart so they can repurchase their favorite products.”

‘Especially at Christmas – the busiest time of the year for all of us – we hope that the introduction of Slyp will make our customers’ lives a little easier and, most importantly, help the environment by reducing our future reliance on printed receipts. ‘

However, many Kmart buyers are unhappy with the announcement, believing it “forces” them in a direction they don’t want to go.

A confused woman asked why the receipts aren’t sent by text, how to return, what happens if you don’t have a banking app or mobile phone, and whether you pay cash or want a physical receipt.

1670382037 616 Kmart Announces The Launch Of Digital Receipts In Australia

1670382037 616 Kmart Announces The Launch Of Digital Receipts In Australia

Customers reacted mixedly to the announcement. Some were strongly against the idea, but others thought the service would be very “convenient”.

“Buying local sounds better every day. Dump those companies that don’t listen to the people,” said one irate shopper.

“We don’t want self-checkouts, we don’t want paperless receipts. Stop forcing us in a direction we don’t want.’

“Everything just gets complicated,” said another.

Several customers were concerned about having to show security personnel a digital receipt.

“I still get paper receipts. Too often I’ve been approached when leaving the store. I’m not messing around with my toddler and a phone,” one woman said.

However, other customers liked the idea.

‘That’s so handy! Hopefully sending it to your banking app will help even further, I had to replace my phone last month and lost all my texts,” one woman said.

“Hopefully my bank releases it soon,” added another.

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