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Kitchen hacks: Home cook reveals you’ve been using paper towel wrong


You’ve been using paper towels wrong your whole life: The home cook’s kitchen trick amazes thousands

  • A home cook showed people the correct way to use a metal kitchen roll holder
  • She hooks it to a closet to create a hanging paper towel rack

Home cooks have discovered the “right” way to store their paper towel racks – and the “genius” hack has been hailed as a “lifesaver.”

A young woman was tired of putting her metal paper towel holder on her counter because it took up too much space.

The kitchen gadget is usually connected to a metal bar that can be used to tear off towels — but the woman found an even better use for it.

She hooked the protruding end over a cabinet and created a makeshift hanging paper towel roll.

Many usually just tear the towels off instead of using the extra stand, so they were glad to have found a convenient use for it.

The kitchen gadget is usually pieced together with a metal bar — and one woman hooked the protruding end over a cabinet, creating a hanging paper towel roll

Home cooks have discovered a new way to store their paper towel holders – and the ‘genius’ hack has been hailed as a ‘lifesaver’

The woman revealed the hack in a now-viral video and thousands are stunned.

“This is so clever,” one man said.

“Very clever – but would only work if you use it on a shelf or cabinet with no doors,” added another.

One woman wrote, “I wish I knew about this sooner, it’s so handy for storage too.”

“No way, my whole life is a lie,” said another dramatically.

Recently, many also realized that there was another way to use their potato peeler that cuts the time spent toiling through mashed potatoes in half.

Jenn, a chef from the US, recently shared her “fun kitchen hack,” in which she shows how chefs can use the peeler’s detachable blade to glide the tool back and forth over potatoes.

While most users usually peel a strip of potato skin and start over from the top, they could easily have turned the blade in either direction.

Properly using the peeler can save you valuable time prepping vegetables before cooking a meal.

A chef from the US recently shared a 'fun kitchen hack' that brought many out of the dark when it came to using a vegetable peeler

The woman showed millions that the peeler's loose blade indicated that chefs could slide the instrument up and down a potato

Jenn, a chef from the US, recently shared a ‘fun kitchen hack’ that left many on the wrong track when it came to using a vegetable peeler

Jenn made a video showing her followers how to properly use their peelers.


How do you peel potatoes?

  • I twist the blade up and down like in the video 62 votes
  • I peel a section and then go back to the top 187 votes

“Did you know that the reason why potato peelers swing back and forth is that you can not only go down, but also forward when you’re peeling, so you can peel the whole thing at lightning speed?” she asked.

“You don’t really have to lift the peeler off the vegetable.”

Usually they just assumed their cheap peeler was flimsy, but the wonky blade was designed with a purpose in mind.

Many were shocked after watching Jenn’s video.

“I used to get mad because I thought mine was just loose,” one woman wrote.

“I’m done being an adult – am I doing something right?”

“That’s why we need cooking classes in high school. How do I find out about this at the age of 26?’

A few were concerned that the hack might injure people due to the smoother movement – but Jenn quickly put them at ease.

“It’s literally impossible to cut yourself doing it my way because you never actually lift the knife off the potato, so you don’t really put the knife in a position to cut you.”

Instead, she argued, “But if you do it the old way, you pick up the knife, put it down again, pick it up, put it down—you have the chance to accidentally cut your skin.” miss and cut.’

The chef also suggested an alternative way for clumsy people

“If you’re a klutz in the kitchen or just terrified, you can use a fork to keep the potato still while you do it, so your skin won’t get in the way at all.”

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