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Jordan told Israel that it intends to recover two stretches of territory that remain the private property of Israel under a 1994 peace treaty, King Abdullah II announced, in a move that was welcomed by activists and civil society groups. oppose the agreement.

As part of the agreement, Israel leased about 405 hectares of agricultural land in the southern sector of its border with Jordan called al-Ghumar, as well as the small area of ​​al-Baqura near the confluence of the Jordan and Yarmouk rivers.

The areas are currently regulated through a "special regime" in the peace treaty where Israel recognizes Jordanian sovereignty with Israel's private property of the land.

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"We have informed Israel about the end of the application of the annexes to the peace treaty with respect to al-Baqurah and al-Ghumar," the king said Sunday, according to the state news agency Petra.

"Al-Baqura and al-Ghumar have always lived up to my priorities, and our decision is to finish the annexes to the peace treaty based on our enthusiasm to take whatever is necessary for Jordan and the Jordanians," he added. king.

"Al-Baqura and al-Ghumar They are Jordanian lands and they will remain Jordanian. "

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"We will enter into negotiations with [Jordan] to opt for an extension of the existing lease agreement, "the Israeli media quoted him as saying.

It is not clear how and when territories will be returned to Jordan's property. The territories have been under Israeli control since 1948.

Growing pressure

Jordan is just one of the two Arab countries that signed a peace treaty with Israel, the other is Egypt.

The observers said that the announcement of the king is expected to be positively received by the Jordanian public amid the growing efforts of activists and civil society groups to force the government to end the lease of the Jordanian territories to Israel.

It also comes a week after 85 members of the Jordanian parliament signed a petition urging the king to intervene so that the lease is not renewed, according to deputy Khalil Atiyeh.

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Oraib al-Rantawi, a political analyst in the capital of Jordan, Amman, said: "The "The king saw the popular rejection against maintaining this agreement with Israel, especially in the last few months where the economic decline in the country has led to mass protests, and he wisely decided not to do so."

Thousands of angry Jordanians took to the streets in June to protest price increases, a bill to reform the income tax and official corruption, in a country where the national poverty and unemployment rate is around 20 per cent. hundred.

Political activist Hussam Abdallat praised the king's decision as one of those that "would make it public."

Sufyan al-Tell, a former environmental official of the United Nations and an outspoken critic of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan, told Al Jazeera that the king's announcement is "timely and reflects the will of the people of Jordan."

The public feeling in Jordan against Israel is strong because of its continued occupation of the Palestinian territories and their treatment of the Palestinians.

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