King Charles “enjoyed” the previous seasons of The Crown, but the stories of the new series will be “uncomfortable” for the monarch, an expert said.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl, who wrote The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown, said the new episodes leading up to Diana’s tragic death will also be “very real and difficult” for Prince William and Prince William. Harry like his mother’s. the ghost can never be buried’.

speaking to entertainment weeklythe royal biographer said that the events of the 1990s were a “low time” for the royal family.

The show is expected to start in the early 1990s and storylines will include the breakup of Charles and Diana’s marriage, the late royal’s controversial Panorama interview and the notorious ‘tampongate’ phone call between the King and the Queen Consort.

King Charles ‘enjoyed’ the previous seasons of The Crown, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl. The monarch, 73, photographed in Glasgow on October 13, 2022

The new series of The Crown will dramatize the end of the marriage of Carlos and Diana. Pictured: A still from the drama showing the couple, played by Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki, in crisis talks with the Queen, played by Imelda Staunton.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl said the new series will be “very difficult and very real” for Prince Harry and Prince William. The brothers photographed at Windsor Castle on September 10, 2022

Katie said: ‘We don’t know if the King is going to watch this series. I can tell you that he has seen previous seasons of The Crown and enjoyed them.

“I think the last series was a little too close to the bone, too.”

The final season of The Crown, starring Emma Corrin as Princess Diana and Josh O’Connor as the Prince of Wales, suggested that Charles never stopped seeing Camilla Parker Bowles, even after they got engaged.

In addition, the expert claims that Prince William, 40, and Prince Harry, 38, will find the dramatization of their mother’s last years “incredibly difficult”.

The expert said the brothers feel that the “ghost of their mother cannot rest.” Princess Diana pictured with Prince William and Prince Harry at the VE Heads of State Remembrance Service in Hyde Park on 7 May 1995

The new series will dramatize Princess Diana’s controversial Newsnight interview. Elizabeth Debicki in the trailer

Katie continued: “This is a period that they had to live through so publicly. We heard from Harry talking about the very real impact it had on his life, and also from William.

“There is a feeling that, in reality, the ghost of their mother can never rest for them.

‘I think [that] it’s really still something that’s very real and very difficult for them.’

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In May 2021, Prince Harry revealed during his appearance on Apple TV’s mental health series The Me You Can’t See that everything felt uptight when he traveled to London “because of what happened to my mother, and because of what what I experienced and what I saw.

Meanwhile, Prince William fought back tears as he mentioned his mother in an emotional speech as he unveiled the Manchester Stadium attack memorial earlier this year.

Katie Nicholl said the show is getting a little closer to King Charles. His relationship with the queen consort, played by Olivia Williams, will appear in the new series of the show.

The royal expert emphasized that the last years of his mother’s life were “a period that Harry and William had to live through so publicly.” Senan West pictured playing Prince William in the trailer

The father-of-three said: ‘As someone who lives with his own grief, I also know that what mourners care about most is that those we have lost are not forgotten.

There is comfort in remembering. Recognizing that though horribly soon taken, they lived. They changed our lives. They were loved, and they are loved.

Diana’s tragic death in a 1997 Paris car crash will be covered in The Crown, but she isn’t expected to appear until the final season, which is currently filming.

Earlier this week, the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, responded to critics who accused the series of “exploiting” the Royal Family.

In an interview with entertainment weeklyPeter acknowledged that the new season, which lands on the streaming platform next month, doesn’t shy away from the royal family’s “tough time” in the 1990s.

Describing how King Charles “almost certainly will have painful memories” of that period, the screenwriter said, “That doesn’t mean that, in hindsight, history will be cruel to him or the monarchy.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Debicki, who has been cast as Diana in the new series, said the stories have been handled with “sensitivity, truth and complexity”.

Crown’s teaser trailer showed Elizabeth Debicki in an exact replica of Diana’s ‘revenge dress’, complete with a fitted bodice with a V-neckline, off-the-shoulder cut and sheer train.

The new series, due to screen next month, sees Charles lobbying Prime Minister John Major in a bizarre attempt to force his mother to abdicate. In the photo, the couple together in 1994.

Former Prime Minister John Major condemned the series for basing an episode on the “damaging and malicious lie” that Charles urged him to overthrow the Queen.

Friends called the portrayal of the new monarch as a disloyal schemer “untrue, unfair and deeply hurtful” and urged viewers to boycott the hit Netflix show. The new series, due to screen next month, sees Charles lobbying Prime Minister John Major in a bizarre attempt to force his mother to abdicate.

But Sir John told The Mail on Sunday that the meeting never happened, calling the scene a “barrel of malicious nonsense”.

A well-placed source said: “All the one-on-one conversations you see on screen are pure fiction and some scenes have been created entirely for dramatic and commercial purposes with little regard for the truth. People should boycott it.