Home Life Style King Charles cut ties with Prince Harry because he sees him as a ‘threat’ to the throne, royal author says

King Charles cut ties with Prince Harry because he sees him as a ‘threat’ to the throne, royal author says

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King Charles gives Prince Harry a 'flea in the ear'

King Charles has severed ties with his “rebellious” son, Prince Harry, perceiving him as a “threat” to the throne, according to Meghan Markle’s close aide Omid Scobie. Royal author and journalist Scobie reveals that Harry’s quest for personal freedom led both the monarch and Prince William to view him as a “threat to the crown.” Scobie’s new book offers fresh insights into the Sussexes’ controversial exit from the royal family in 2020, after which they moved to the United States.

In his book “Game overScobie, known for his alleged close ties to Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, claims that Harry was ousted from the Royal Family to protect the monarchy. “These are probably sad conclusions that will be reached too late in the journey,” Scobie writes. “In the eyes of some within the institution, Harry is a threat to the crown.”

He also explains“His freedom to express his own thoughts outside the confines of the institution has made him the enemy.” Scobie’s revelations highlight the deep divisions within the royal family and the drastic measures taken to preserve the stability of the monarchy. According to him, Harry’s departure was considered necessary to maintain the traditional structure and control of the royal institution.

The book examines the dynamics that led to the Sussexes’ exit and the underlying tensions that have shaped their relationship with the royal family. By choosing a path of independence, Harry has inadvertently positioned himself as a disruptive force, challenging the conventions and expectations of royal life.

These data provide a better understanding of the motivations behind the split and the impact it has had on the royal family. As Harry and Meghan continue to forge their own path in the US, the implications of their departure and the decisions made by the royal family remain a major topic of discussion.

“Endgame” sheds light on the complex and often painful decisions faced by those within the royal institution, painting a portrait of a family torn between tradition and the desire for individual freedom.

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