Home Life Style King Charles called ‘mean’ for ‘humiliating’ Prince Harry twice this week

King Charles called ‘mean’ for ‘humiliating’ Prince Harry twice this week

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King Charles called 'mean' for 'humiliating' Prince Harry twice this week

King Charles has faced criticism for what some perceive as “meanness” after he repeatedly snubbed Prince Harry during his recent visit to the UK. A royal expert has suggested that this behavior could damage the King’s public image.

On May 7, a spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex confirmed that King Charles would not be meeting his son due to a reportedly busy work schedule amid his cancer diagnosis. This refusal to meet with Harry sparked criticism from observers who believe the monarch should prioritize family connections, especially given his health problems.

The timing of the announcement, which coincided with the arrival of the Duke of Sussex to the United Kingdom, has attracted attention. These developments seemed shocking to some royal experts. as news weeksaid chief royal correspondent Jack Royston News from heaven: “I think it’s very disappointing. “I also think the monarchy runs the risk of looking a little petty.”

He added: “Charles will give William an award that 100% would have gone to Harry if Harry was still an active member of the royal family.” Royston explained: “Harry served in the Army Air Corps in Afghanistan. He was a co-pilot gunner of an Apache helicopter. And he fought on the front line, putting his life at risk.”

Adding to the perceived snub, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles would soon join Prince William in formally handing over a regiment previously under the leadership of Prince Harry. Some see this decision as a new snub against Harry, who already feels marginalized by the royal establishment.

The ongoing tension between the monarch and his youngest son has been a source of public fascination and controversy. The strained relationship became more evident after Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as royals in 2020 and moved to California. Later interviews and memories of Harry Replacement It revealed deep divisions within the family, particularly between Harry and his father.

Critics have pointed out that King Charles’ refusal to meet Harry could worsen public perception of the royal family, especially given already strained relations. Royal commentator Angela Mollard emphasized that Charles’ actions could be seen as an unnecessary display of “pettiness.”

“The King’s refusal to meet Harry, even briefly, is incredibly damaging to his public image. People expect the King to overcome personal differences and show unity, especially in difficult times,” Mollard said.

Despite the criticism, King Charles remains focused on his royal duties. His collaboration with Prince William to reassign Harry’s former regiment reflects the ongoing transition of royal responsibilities and emphasizes the Prince of Wales’s role in shaping the future of the monarchy.

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