King Charles attends Sandringham church service amid reports he WANTs Prince Harry at the coronation

King Charles appeared in high spirits as he attended a church service in Norfolk today – after it was revealed he has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to broker a deal for Prince Harry to attend his coronation.

His Majesty, 74, was accompanied by his sister, the Princess Royal, as the couple made their way to St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham.

The king wore a brown overcoat and was caught with an umbrella as he walked to the service. Meanwhile, his sister, Princess Anne, sported a coordinated outfit and also wore a brown coat, which she paired with brown slacks and boots.

The outing follows revelations published by the Mail On Sunday that Charles wants Justin Welby to make a deal with his feuding sons that would allow Harry and his wife Meghan to attend the Westminster Abbey ceremony in May, according to senior sources close to Lambeth Palace.

King Charles and the Princess Royal arrive to attend a church service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham

There has been much speculation over whether the Sussexes would attend the high-profile event since they stepped down from royal duties – and especially since the publication of Harry’s tell-all memoir, Spare, earlier this month, which chronicled a series of wounding attacks on senior members of the Royal family.

The King would believe Harry and Meghan’s absence from the coronation would be a bigger distraction than their presence, so he is willing to make concessions to persuade them to attend.

But William is said to be concerned that his brother will use the event to stage a “stunt” that would overshadow the event.

Sources say Harry could be guaranteed a prominent seat at the abbey or an informal assurance that he will be able to keep his titles as an incentive to attend.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Pictured Together In October 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex pictured together in October 2018

Good Cheer: At One Point, King Charles Seemed To Be Smiling Broadly As He Walked Alongside His Sister In Sandringham Today

Good cheer: at one point, King Charles seemed to be smiling broadly as he walked alongside his sister in Sandringham today

The King'S Outing Today, Accompanied By His Sister Princess Anne, Follows Reports That The Monarch Would Like His Son Prince Harry To Attend His Coronation

The King’s outing today, accompanied by his sister Princess Anne, follows reports that the monarch would like his son Prince Harry to attend his coronation

The King Would Believe Harry And Meghan'S Absence From The Coronation Would Be A Bigger Distraction Than Their Presence

The King would believe Harry and Meghan’s absence from the coronation would be a bigger distraction than their presence

However, William fears that unless Harry’s visit has a tight script, he could steal the spotlight by taking Meghan for a walk in a deprived London neighborhood, for example.

A source said: ‘The substantive issue is whether they will attend the coronation, and if so, under what conditions.

“The family is divided and all indications are that Harry is being advised not to say anything at this stage and to ‘play long’ until the last minute, which makes negotiations with him very difficult.

Harry’s camp made it clear that the idea of ​​him just attending the coronation and behaving but then being stripped of his titles was a total non-starter.

While The King Would Like Harry To Attend The Coronation, Reports Say Prince William Is Concerned About The Idea

While the king would like Harry to attend the coronation, reports say Prince William is concerned about the idea

While he might decide at some point to dispose of his titles of his own accord, he objects to the idea of ​​being forcibly stripped.

“He resents being lumped in the public eye with Andrew as the two ‘problem princes’, when he sees the circumstances as completely different.”

Last night, both Lambeth Palace and Buckingham Palace declined to comment, while a source close to Prince William said they were unaware of any such coronation negotiations.

Mr Welby, who will attend the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, was first asked to act as a go-between between William and Harry shortly after the Queen’s death in September.

The King Has Asked The Archbishop Of Canterbury To Make A Deal For Harry To Attend His Coronation

The King has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to make a deal for Harry to attend his coronation

Charles, William And Harry At A Military Memorial Gathering In 2017

Charles, William and Harry at a military memorial gathering in 2017

He’s previously been swept up in the Sussexes soap opera when Meghan claimed in a TV interview that he had secretly married them before their official wedding in 2018 – forcing him to clarify that the ceremony broadcast to the world was the legal marriage. used to be.

He was also forced to withdraw from the Church’s General Synod in July 2019 to baptize the couple’s son, Archie.

Speculation about Harry and Meghan’s presence at the coronation comes after the release of the couple’s Netflix docuseries and the Duke of Sussex’s tell-all memoir, Spare.

Despite the king’s dignified silence over the allegations aired in Spare, royal insiders say he was “furious” at his son’s attacks on the queen consort Camilla, calling her “dangerous” and a “bad guy” in TV interviews to promote his book.

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