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Kindergarten boy and mother tragically killed by school bus in Mamaroneck

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 Kindergartner and Mother Tragically Killed by School Bus in Mamaroneck

MAMARONECK, Westchester (WABC) — A kindergartner and his mother were tragically identified Friday after being hit by a school bus while walking to school Thursday morning. The accident occurred around 8:30 a.m. outside the Mamaroneck Avenue school, near New Street. On Friday, the community continued to leave flowers and toys near the crosswalk in remembrance.

Michael Donovan Volpe, 6, was pronounced dead at the scene, and his mother, Molly Murphy, 43 Donovan, was taken to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. The boy’s devastated grandfather, Tom Volpe Sr., spoke about his grandson on Friday. “Angel, he was a true angel, he was the purest love I have ever known and I am 81 years old. Simply the purest love I have ever known,” Volpe Sr. said.

He also shared that one of his sons died in a car accident 37 years ago and that little Michael was named in his honor. Witnesses described the 6-year-old boy’s mother screaming for the bus to stop when the accident occurred. “The saddest thing was seeing his lunchbox, his open backpack and all the pencils outside. The boy just wanted to spend a day at school,” said witness Nick Zamora. “And it was his last day.”

Police said their initial investigation revealed that the school bus was traveling eastbound from New Street and turning left onto Mamaroneck Avenue on a green light. As the bus turned, several parents and children crossed the street at the crosswalk with the walk signal. The driver, a 68-year-old man, is cooperating and police say it appears to be a tragic accident. At this time there are no pending charges.

It’s still unclear why the bus driver didn’t yield to pedestrians, but parents have been asking for a crossing guard there for years. “There is no excuse,” said Mamaroneck resident Lori Lyons. “There is no excuse for the town of Mamaroneck to not have had anyone here for years for this to be happening. “This should never have happened today.”

The bus was headed to Mamaroneck Avenue School at the time of the accident. Several students and an aide were on board, but no other injuries were reported. Mental health professionals are helping parents and children at the school, and a police officer has been closely monitoring the intersection.

The community has started a petition on Change.org asking for a crossing guard, increased visibility at the crosswalk, and reduced speed limits. Police and officials in the village of Mamaroneck are partnering with Westchester County to investigate ways to improve pedestrian and traffic safety at the intersection. Relatives mentioned that Molly’s birthday would have been this Sunday.

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