Killer sues NT government after being stripped naked by guards and ridiculed by inmates during riot

Cruel killer sues prison bosses after being mocked by inmates for ‘size of his genitals’ when stripped by prison guards after riot

  • Murder of Matej Vanko sues government for assault and false imprisonment
  • Follows riots in May last year after which he was placed in solitary confinement
  • Vanko claims he was mistreated and was not given any cutlery or fresh water to drink
  • Alleges was stripped and left outside the cell by guards in full view of inmates

A violent killer is suing a series of alleged incidents behind bars, including claims that he was stripped naked in full view of fellow inmates who ridiculed him for the “size of his genitals.”

Matej Vanko, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Donald Stevens, 53, and the kidnapping of Noelene Stevens in rural Darwin in 2012, reportedly participated in a prison riot in May last year.

He claims his treatment by prison guards in the aftermath “made him feel like a tortured animal, vulnerable, unsafe and upset.”

Matej Vanko (pictured) is suing NT government for assault and false imprisonment after being ridiculed by inmates after a riot last year

Vanko is suing the Northern Territory government for false imprisonment and assault, alleging in court documents that he was injured by CS gas after climbing onto the roof of the prison during the riot.

A security guard allegedly sprayed Vanko in the face with the gas while he was obeying the order to get off the roof, he alleges in court documents seen by NT News.

Guards then took Vanko to a “risk cell” where they reportedly tore his clothes and “caused an abrasion and friction burn to his perineum and scrotum where his clothes had been pulled between his legs and torn from beneath him.”

The convicted killer claims he was held in solitary confinement for three weeks — 24 hours a day — and then allowed outside for 15 minutes a day for the next three months.

Vanko (pictured) is serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of 53-year-old Donald Stevens in 2012

Vanko (pictured) is serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of 53-year-old Donald Stevens in 2012

In any case, he was not given any cutlery for the first month and had to eat with his hands, he claims.

Vanko claims he was later subjected to “sexual ridicule and harassment” about the size of his genitals when guards left him handcuffed and naked outside his cell.

On June 6, after being detained for banging on his cell door “in protest of his circumstances,” Vanko was again cut off Vanko’s clothes by guards and left in sight of other inmates, one of whom filmed him. .

In the court documents, he claimed that the incident made him feel “humiliated” and “like a captive animal.”

“The plaintiff has suffered and continues to be harassed by other inmates regarding his body and the size of his genitals and has been the subject of sexual ridicule and harassment,” they read.

The government denies allegations of assault against Vanko by prison guards in a defense filed with the court.