Khloe Kardashian models a silk nightgown for Lemme Sleep gummies

Sleeping beauty! Khloe Kardashian is a sleep beauty!

Khloé Kardashian looked like a sleeping beauty in a a slew of seductive snaps she shared with her 280M Instagram followers to promote Lemme Sleep gummies on Tuesday.

The reality TV beauty and denim entrepreneur, 38, showed off her toned figure as she went braless under a blue nightgown emulating ‘sleeping beauty’ to promote the new line of chewy sleep-aid products created by her sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

She Caption: “This is not a nightmare!” @LemmeSleep has officially gone live on

Natural beauty: Khloe Kardashian (38) showed off her toned figure modeling for Kourtney’s Lemme Sleep line of sleep gummies.

‘Since taking Lemme sleep, I’ve never slept better (after trying literally everything over the years). Made with Melatonin, Magnesium, L-Theanine and a blend of Chamomile, Lavender and Elderberry – these gummies let you drift off in peace and stay asleep longer. Amen!

‘I miss my fairy @Kourtneykardashian!’

Khloé was picture-perfect as she posed on the silky sheets with her wavy blonde tresses falling loosely to her waist as she In a lavender negligee, she transformed into a fairytale Princess. 

Kardashian is seen in her latest advertisement as she channels glamour-sleep mode and wears a crown on her head.

Supportive Sisters: The Reality Tv Beauty Looked Like A Fairytale Princess Wearing A Lavender Negligee On A Bed With Her Long Blonde Hair Is Styled In Loose Waves Beneath Her Crown

Supportive sisters

This Is Not A Dream!: Always The Supportive Sister, Khloe Is Always Supporting Her Sisters' Brands. She Recently Modeled For Kim Kardashian'S Skims Line

This isn’t a fantasy!Khloe is always a supportive sister and supports her sisters’ brands. She Recently modeled for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Line

The Good American founder appeared in a campaign and shared the short video via Instagram. 

Her To emphasize the fairytale effect, her long blonde hair was styled loosely beneath her jeweled crown. Small crystals were also placed below her eyes. 

The book is opened by a narrator who uses his best British accent to reveal, cheekily, that once upon a time, in medieval Calabasas, there was a beautiful princess named Khloe. She was cursed with sleeplessness for her entire life.

Sleep Aid: The Ad Is For Kourtney'S Newest Product, Lemme Sleep Gummies. The Product Is Not Yet Available, But Will Be Soon. Fans Are Encouraged To Sign Up On The Waitlist

Sleep aid: This is Kourtney’s latest product, Lemme Sleep Gummies. It is currently not available but will soon be. Fans are encouraged to sign-up for the waitlist

The video was a hit with the sisters’ millions of followers who commented: ‘This is so cute,’  ‘I love this whoever thought of this needs a raise,’ and ‘This is the funniest most adorable commercial ever.’

Khloe shared the fact behind the fable, writing on social media, ‘I’ve been a bad sleeper my entire life and tried everything. 9 months ago, Kourt gave me @lemme sleep samples to test (before she even had bottles) and I legitimately had the best night’s sleep.’

Kourtney responded with her own post recommending that ‘Lemme sleep helps you fall and stay in bed. It can also help you feel refreshed when you wake up. It is the stuff of dreams.

Hulu is streaming the latest season of Kardashian’s hit TV series, “The Busy Kardashians.” 

Dreams: Kourtney Posted About The Product, Advising That 'Lemme Sleep Helps You Fall And Stay Asleep. It Also Helps You Wake Up Feeling Refreshed. What Dreams Are Made Of'

Dreams: Kourtney shared about the product and advised that “Lemme Sleep” helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. It can also help you feel refreshed when you wake up. It is the stuff of dreams.

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