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Khan urged to grant Ulez-affected drivers a period of leniency prior to fines


The latest wave of vandalism comes after the Metropolitan Police confirmed that a total of 288 crimes related to the Ulez cameras had been reported between April and August.

Keith Prince, Conservative Assembly Member for the Greater London Authority (GLA), pointed to problems with the website and the fact that hundreds of cameras had yet to be installed or were out of service.

Prince, who also chairs the GLA’s transport committee, said: “Today has been chaos and I have seen pure anger in the streets. Sadiq Khan doesn’t have enough cameras; he is supposed to have 2,700 cameras, but until last Friday only 1,900 had been installed and about 500 of them have been vandalized ”.

In Westminster, dozens of anti-Ulez activists gathered to demand that the extension be scrapped. Several waved banners with messages such as “stop the toxic air lie”, along with mock car license plates reading: “Get Khan out”.

Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for London’s next Mayor, said: “The first day of Ulez has been total chaos, and it’s Londoners who are paying the price for it. If Khan had listened to the people, he would never have gone through with this.”

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