Kerryn Phelps urges Wentworth voters to put Libs in last place while announcing his candidacy

Kerryn Phelps announces her candidacy for the federal seat of Wentworth.

Sydney's high-profile doctor, Kerryn Phelps, urged voters to put the Liberal Party in last place after confirming that he will run as an independent for Malcolm Turnbull's former Wentworth seat.

But the city councilor of Sydney and former president of the Australian Medical Association says that if elected in the Wentworth by-elections on October 20, it will not be a destabilizing presence and has guaranteed that it will not block the government's supply.

The liberal party never lost the seat located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Dr. Phelps says she has a steep climb to climb given that the government occupies the seat with a margin of 17 percent, but says there are many followers for the former prime minister, who was dismissed at the end of August.

"People here are frustrated, angry and desperate for what happened to Malcolm Turnbull," the local doctor told reporters on Sunday.

"They do not want to see this revolving door of leadership continue."

Dr. Phelps said that voters knew Mr. Turnbull supported action on climate change, marriage equality and making Australia a republic, but the hard right of his party restricted his ability to speak on those issues.

She said it was time to bring some integrity, stability and common sense to the federal parliament.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the new Liberal Party candidate for Wentworth Dave Sharma.


"It's supposed to be a representative house and it has not been a representative voice for Australians for a long time," he said.

The independent said she still had to organize preference agreements, but said voters should put her first and the Liberal Party at the end.

"It's really important that you send that message that they know that Canberra needs to be a voice for people," he said.

Dr. Phelps said his career as a doctor, health communicator and advocate, one of the leaders in the marriage equality campaign, author and working mother of three, gives her the skills to sit in the federal parliament.

Former Australian ambassador to Israel, David Sharma, has been shortlisted by the Liberal Party to contest the Wentworth by-elections, even though Morrison said he wanted a candidate.

Tim Murray, of Labor, and independent investment manager, Licia Heath, are among the 11 people who announced their candidacy for the survey.

Kerryn Phelps (second on the left) is seen with supporters during his official announcement.

Kerryn Phelps (second on the left) is seen with supporters during his official announcement.