Kerry Katona laments being called a ‘5×3 mum’ after having 5 children with 3 different men

Kerry Katona may have much to be happy about the news that she is taking another trip down her aisle, but it has been a difficult road to romantic bliss. Warrington native, Kerry Katona, has already made three trips down to the aisle. Each marriage ended in disarray. The star has had a few happy endings, and it’s safe to say she deserves a chance at happily ever again. Here’s a list of her marriages and relationships. 


BRIAN McFADDEN (1999-04)

Kerry and BrianMcFadden found their match in pop music when they met during 1999’s tour of Westlife and Atomic Kitten. Their romance was so intense that Brian proposed to Molly within three months of them getting together. In 2002, they had a lavish celebrity wedding and one year later, their second daughter, Lily Sue.  The couple split in 2004 after it was revealed that Brian had cheated upon Kerry with a lapdancer. The heartbroken Kerry received a quick divorce.


DAN CORSI (2004)

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Kerry briefly reconnected with Dan Corsi, her ex-boyfriend, whom she first dated back in 1998. During their time together, they visited Kerry’s native Warrington and were also seen partying up a storm at London hotspot-of-the-moment Pangaea. Dan boasted that he had slept with Kerry, and said: “Spending the night together was everything I hoped it to be.” After five years of being with Brian, I was afraid she would find it difficult to be with another person. But it felt natural. Friends believed Dan was trying to make a quick buck off Kerry’s fame. Reports claimed he was still living with his ex and texting a former flame.  After six weeks of rekindled love, Kerry decided to dump Dan over the phone. Surprisingly, Brian, her ex-husband, shared his views on Dan with The Mirror. ‘II’ve known him for some time and know that he is not the right man for her. I don’t want her to be hurt. I want her to be happy, despite everything.



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Kerry, in stark contrast to her showbiz marriage, began a romantic relationship with Dave Cunningham. They announced their engagement in 2005. The couple fell in love quickly, but it was not long before they got into a tense row while vacationing in Spain. There were rumors that Dave had been seeing his ex girlfriend behind her back. People was told by a source:Kerry is in total chaos. After She believed Dave could save her from all the hardships she had to go through in this past year. The shocking revelations about his ex-wife were then revealed.


MARK CROFT (2005-2010)

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Six weeks after she split, Kerry was swept off the feet by Mark Croft (taxi driver). He After just six weeks of dating, they were proposed to in 2006. They tied the knot on Valentine’s Day 2007. They had two children, Maxwell and Heidi, from their marriage. However, the union came about during a tumultuous time in Kerry’s life, as she watched her fortune (which once peaked at £6.8million) dwindle to the point that she was declared bankrupt. She made her famous appearance on ITV’s This Morning while she was married. Her slurred speech raised concern among viewers. She Finally, she admitted to having a cocaine addiction. She said that she hated her life. Mark and I would lie in bed for three consecutive days doing cocaine together. We had coke in our bathroom and a lock on the front door. The children knew that if the door to the bathroom was locked, they couldn’t enter. After The couple divorced in 2010, after considering suicide. Mark later admitted that he ‘bled Kerry dry’ during their disastrous relationship.


GEORGE KAY, 2012-2017

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Kerry 2012 saw a turning point in her life when she met George Kay. Kay was at that time working as her driver. The sparks flew between them, and George, a former rugby player, proposed to Kerry at Blackpool Tower in April 2013. Kerry then gave birth to Dylan-Jorge one year later. Kerry was finally able to walk down the aisle in September 2014. Two months after their wedding, trouble struck. George suffered from’signs and symptoms of stroke’ and was admitted to hospital. Kerry struggled to cope. Her The couple split after having to deal with George’s behavior. However, they would soon reunite and renew their wedding vows. The couple would finally end their relationship in 2017 after George was accused of domestic violence. The heartbreak did not end there. George, 39, unexpectedly died in July 2019.



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After George’s spit, it took the star just weeks to start a new relationship. Kerry made her Instagram debut with James English, her new boyfriend in 2017. While many of her posts showing her spending time with the Scottish comedian were shared online, the couple soon split in two months. The split was so subtle that it wasn’t even noticed by the star until she spoke again about being a singleton.

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