Kelly Gale shows off her insane six-pack abs and eye-popping cleavage in a silver string bikini

You don’t need an inch! Kelly Gale shows off her six-pack and impressive cleavage during a idyllic getaway in a silver string swimsuit

She She works out every other day, and once showed her exercise routine in the midst of a In-N-Out burger joint.

Kelly Gale displayed the fruits of her labor on Tuesday as she continued to enjoy a tropical escape.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel displayed her amazing six-pack and petite midsection while she took a photo in the pool with the backdrop of the sea.

Kelly Gale displayed her incredible six-pack and jaw-dropping cleavage during a silver string bikini on Tuesday, while enjoying a relaxing island escape 

Model Kelly Gale (Pictured) Flaunted Her Super Slender Figure In A Skimpy Bikini Selfie As She Enjoyed A Sunrise By The Ocean In A Photo She Shared To Instagram On Tuesday

Model Kelly Gale (pictured), showed off her super-slender figure with a selfie in a skimpy bikini as she enjoyed a sunrise over the ocean. This photo was shared to Instagram by Kelly Gale on Tuesday

Kelly showed off her amazing figure in a silver triangle string bikini.

The beautiful, raven-haired beauty was soaking in the sun as she sat by water in a luxury spot on a tropical escape.

In the photo, her tresses fell down her back as she was photographed.

The caption read, “None of my favorite things is a beautiful sunrise in tropical paradis,”

Kelly Looked To Be Basking In The Sunrise As She Sat Surrounded By Water At A Luxe Place On An Unnamed Tropical Getaway

Kelly looked like she was basking in the dawn as she sat at a luxury place on a tropical getaway.

Kelly is known for her slim figure and posts pictures on social media. She set tongues-wagging on May 5th when she slipped into a pair teeny shorts and a crop top while hiking.

Many of her followers posted comments asking questions about her appearance. One fan commented that she looked tired and another said she was too thin.  

Kelly was supported by many. One follower advised Kelly to ignore her comments and to stop’skinny-shaming’.

Kelly Sparked Concern Among Fans In A New Instagram Post She Shared In May, With Her Wearing A Pair Of Bike Shorts And A Skimpy Top

Kelly caused concern in May when she posted an Instagram photo in which she was wearing bike shorts and a slouchy top.

Kelly needs to stop skinny shaming. You have no idea what goes on in some ones life *(sic). Some people, especially younger ones, are naturally thin. They wrote that I was almost two stone lighter in my 20s and ate like an horse.

It was a horrible feeling to have complete strangers comment on my weight. I would never think of commenting about someone’s body.  

“Please be careful. Would you really say such a thing to her face, if you could? It’s unlikely. Keep it to yourself, hey x.

Daily Mail Australia reached Kelly for comment.

The Swedish-Australian Stunner Showed Off Her Slender Frame In The Slew Of Photos

The Swedish-Australian star showed off her lean frame in a series photos 

Kelly was the subject of similar comments when she posted photos in which she was wearing tiny shorts while traveling through Italy.   

One wrote, “Starting to worry about your,” while another said, “You look so thin…too thin.”

One fan stated, “Absolutely LOVE” you. It’s not my business, but I do know that the big screen can trigger an instinct to lose even more weight.

“But please be careful. You are an inspiration. They added, “And are among the most beautiful women on the planet.”

Kelly Attracted Similar Comments When She Posted Photos Of Herself Wearing Tiny Shorts In Italy That Same Month

Kelly received similar comments after she posted photos in which she was wearing tiny shorts while on vacation in Italy.

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