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Keir Starmer strategizes a plan to welcome migrants from the EU


Flights to Rwanda have also been suspended pending the outcome of a Supreme Court ruling on their legality, while the EU has so far rejected any post-Brexit return deal with the UK.

It emerged on Wednesday that Sir Keir will meet Macron at the Elysee Palace next week as he “tests the waters” with France.

Sir Keir is believed to have requested the meeting and France agreed to protect the “strategic nature” of its relationship with Britain, regardless of who is in charge after the next general election.

It is believed that a possible return agreement could be on the discussion agenda.

Asked about the possibility of a Labor government taking on some of Europe’s migrants in return for a return deal, Sir Keir’s spokesman said: “The details of those talks will follow, but it is clear that having a return agreement is an essential part.” to be able to deal with the backlog and reduce the hotel bill.

“The exact way it would work would have to be through negotiation. “The UK will always want to be a country that takes people through safe and legal routes, as we have done more recently with Afghanistan and Ukraine, for example.”

‘Open borders through the back door’

Labor sources told The Telegraph that any plan to accept migrants from Europe would be limited and strictly managed, potentially through applications at UK embassies or consuls in upstream countries.

Priority would be given to those who already have family in the UK.

Party sources believe that if a return agreement could be negotiated, it would “collapse” the business model of human traffickers.

On Wednesday, government sources seized on the plan as “open borders through the back door.”

“We can finally see Sir Keir Starmer’s plan for illegal migration – he will legalize it,” a source said.

“He will ignore the British people’s will to reduce numbers and instead strike a deal with the EU that would commit us to taking our ‘fair share’ of the number of illegal immigrants entering Europe each year.

“That number was almost a million people last year and is expected to increase this year.”

During a trip to Albania on Wednesday, Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, revealed that Albanian migrants arriving in the UK in small boats were being deported within 48 hours of their arrival, a record turnaround time.

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