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Keir Starmer rattles Boris Johnson about the response of the corona virus

The gloves are (finally) off: Keir Starmer rattles Boris Johnson about COVID-19 BAME deaths, track-and-trace failures and schools as the coronavrus political ceasefire comes to an explosive end

  • The government only publishes statistics for the total number of tests
  • Edward Argar was unable to say how many people are being monitored today
  • He said the “important” number was the total number of virus tests performed
  • Some people are tested more than twice, which can skew the overall numbers
  • Here’s how you can help people affected by Covid-19

Sir Keir Starmer today took the gloves off in his fight against Boris Johnson when he mistreated the Prime Minister over the government’s testing and tracing program, the decision to reopen schools and transparency.

Sir Keir tried to use PMQs over lunch to score body strikes on the prime minister on key elements of the government’s response to the corona virus.

But an enraged Mr Johnson hit back, accusing the Labor leader of delivering “endless attacks on public confidence.”

Labor had hitherto adopted a constructive approach to the crisis, with the shadow cabinet seemingly reluctant to target the government in public.

But today, a dramatic shift in approach, as Sir Keir told Mr. Johnson, “The Prime Minister confuses the investigation of attacks.”

Clashes with PMQs came as the government faced mounting pressure over the rollout of the NHS Test and Trace program.

Reports suggest that the system does not track the contacts of about 60 percent of people who have tested positive.

Sir Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson repeatedly clashed with PMQs over lunch due to government response to coronavirus

Sir Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson repeatedly clashed with PMQs over lunch due to government response to coronavirus

Sir Keir had attacked Johnson at night for “winging” him for alleviating the blockage of the coronavirus.

The Labor leader said the prime minister will be personally blamed if coronavirus deaths continue to rise.

He also joked that the way Mr. Johnson had relaxed the rules suggested there was “an exit but no strategy.”

He reinforced his criticism of the PMQ Prime Minister as he tested Mr. Johnson on testing and tracking.

“Two weeks ago, the Prime Minister today promised at the shipping box that we will have a test, track and trace operation that will defeat the world and yes, it will be ready by June 1,” he said.

‘But that is not it. A critical element is that the ability of local authorities to respond to local peaks is lacking.

“As a council leader suggested to us, we are weeks away from being on the air and simply did not receive enough warning.

“The prime minister mutters that it is not true. Dido Harding, the Prime Minister’s own chairman of the Prime Minister’s track and trace system, has said that this element will not be ready until the end of June.

“The prime minister must have been informed of this issue before he made that promise two weeks ago. So why did he make that promise? ‘

Angered Mr. Johnson hit back and said, “I’m afraid he’s interfering with the efforts of tens of thousands of people who have set up a test, track and trace system in this country from the start.

“We have now involved 40,000 people. Every person, thousands of people are tested every day as he knows.

“Any person who tests positive in this country, the track and trace system, will be contacted, then thousands of their contacts will be contacted themselves … and I can tell the House right now as a result of our test, track and trace system that as I said, operational on June 1, contrary to what he said, as a result of their efforts, thousands of people are now following our lead, following the law and isolating themselves to stop the spread of the disease. ‘

Sir Keir then accused Mr. Johnson of not using the statistics correctly after British statistics watchdog David Norgrove yesterday gave a devastating rebuke to health secretary Matt Hancock for his “misleading” figures on testing.

“The problem when the prime minister used statistics is that the statistical authority was concerned more than once,” he said before adding that Mr. Johnson’s approach was “detrimental” to “public confidence” in the government. .

Mr. Johnson replied, “I really don’t see the purpose of his endless attacks on public confidence in what we’re trying to do, and I think the public wants to hear from politicians of all parties, our clear messages on how to do this. virus.

“Test and trace are an essential tool in our arsenal and contrary to what he says, we ran up to 100,000 tests per day by the end of May and up to 200,000 by the beginning of this month.”

Sir Keir snipped back, “The prime minister is confusing investigations into attacks. I have openly supported the government and I have been criticized for it.

“But boy, he’s been making it difficult to support this government for the past two weeks.”