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Kehl admits “uncertainty” at BVB


After Borussia Dortmund’s 2-1 win over Union Berlin, the supposed three-way battle for the title in the Bundesliga has finally become a duel. BVB sports director Sebastian Kehl also relies on the home strength factor in the duel with FC Bayern.

“It was important to increase the gap to the back so that we could start the next games in this hunter’s position, which we’re still in. We still have four more home games and we’re incredibly strong at home,” Kehl said afterwards the Union game to journalists. “We’ll still get a few points at home and then we’ll just have to take care of ourselves. We only have one competition left, but at least we’re still in the running.”

Kehl described BVB’s victory against the surprise team from the capital as a “good reaction” after the setbacks in the league at Bayern (2: 4) and in the DFB Cup at RB Leipzig (0: 2).

“A little bit of uncertainty” at BVB

“We’re relieved, especially because we won the game in the end. That’s the main message of today’s game, which certainly didn’t always go well. But we mustn’t forget that we came from two games that shook us up a bit. To score two goals against a Union team that was difficult to play on and to win deservedly in the end is one answer,” explained the long-time BVB captain.

The last few days in Dortmund have been “experienced intensively, of course that does something to the team”. According to Kehl, there was “a little bit of uncertainty” in the ranks of BVB, especially after the bankruptcy in Leipzig. “We have to bite our teeth again and we did that today.”

Kehl praised Karim Adeyemi, who made his comeback against Union after a long injury break and ban in the cup, as a “very enriching element”. “He did that very well as a fresh element, had a lot of deep runs and kept having one-on-ones.”

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