Kayla Itsines: Multimillionaire fitness entrepreneur shares the ‘lazy lunch’ she swears by

Kayla Itsines is a pregnant fitness star who shares her secret to staying toned and fit. However, not everyone is on board.

  • Kayla Itsines, multimillionaire entrepreneur, shared her love for the ‘lazy meal’ 
  • The fitness guru is a fan of basmati rice with tuna or avocado and other toppings
  • She Top it with seaweed, peppers, soy sauce, mayos, and toasted sesame seed.
  • While many praised the idea, some expressed concern about her eating tuna during pregnancy. 
  • Kayla previously shared the reason why her toddler daughter had to have blue oats. 

Kayla Itsines, multimillionaire fitness entrepreneur, has revealed her secret to staying toned and lean.

The 31 year old Adelaide native loves to cook a midday meal of tuna and basmati rice with kewpie mayonnaise, spicy mayonnaise, sriracha mustard, toasted sesame oil, seaweed, pepper and soy sauce.

“This is my lazy lunch. Kayla shared the recipe on Instagram

Kayla Itsines, multimillionaire fitness entrepreneur has revealed her secret to staying toned and looking great

The 31-Year-Old From Adelaide Likes To Whip Up A Midday Meal Consisting Of Basmati Rice, Tuna, Kewpie Mayonnaise, Sriracha Mayonnaise, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Seaweed, Pepper, Soy Sauce And Avocado (Finished Result Pictured)

The 31 year-old Adelaide native likes to prepare a midday meal that includes tuna, rice, tuna and sriracha sauce.

All you have to do to recreate it is to combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. You can serve it warm or cold.

The meal is nutritious as well as delicious, as the tuna provides protein, vitamins and minerals such as B-Complex vitamins as well as vitamins A, D and iron.

The avocado provides complex carbohydrates while the basmati rice has a high amount of healthy fats.  

To Replicate It For Yourself, All You Need To Do Is Combine The Ingredients In A Bowl And It Can Be Served Warm Or Cold (The Meal In Process Pictured)

To Replicate It For Yourself, All You Need To Do Is Combine The Ingredients In A Bowl And It Can Be Served Warm Or Cold (The Meal In Process Pictured)

You can recreate it by simply combining the ingredients in a bowl. It can be served hot or cold (the process is shown in the picture).

While Many Were On Board With The Meal, Others Were Concerned That Kayla Shouldn'T Be Eating Tuna When Pregnant (Pictured); Another Clarified That You Can Eat Tuna When Pregnant In Moderation

Although many people were pleased with the meal (pictured), others expressed concern that Kayla shouldn’t be eating tuna during pregnancy. Another clarification stated that you can still eat tuna during pregnancy in moderation.

The simple dish inspired thousands.

“Omg, this is one my favorite combos.” This will be done tomorrow,” one person commented.

“Yum, thanks very much for the inspiration,” added another.

However, not everyone was open to the idea. Some wondered if the fitness guru could eat tuna considering she is currently pregnant with her second baby.

‘Wait. But I thought that pregnant women shouldn’t eat tuna. Am I being misled? One woman wrote.

Another clarified that “They can have this in moderation”. 

It is safe for all age groups. Pregnant womenConsume 2-3 servings of any tuna or salmon per week, fresh or canned.

Due to the high mercury content, however, it is not recommended for women to eat more than this. 

Previously, Kayla (Pictured) Shared Why She Had To Turn Her Two-Year-Old Daughter Arna'S Oats Blue

Kayla (pictured above) explained why she had to make Arna, her 2-year-old, eat her oats blue.

Kayla Said At The Moment Arna Is Obsessed With The Colour Blue - So She Had To Turn Her Oats Turquoise Using Blueberries To Ensure The Toddler Ate Her Breakfast (Pictured)

Kayla Said At The Moment Arna (Pictured) Is Obsessed With The Colour Blue - So She Had To Turn Her Oats Turquoise Using Blueberries To Ensure The Toddler Ate Her Breakfast

Kayla claimed that Arna (right), at the moment, is obsessed with blue. So she made her oatmeal turquoise by adding blueberries to ensure Arna would eat her breakfast.

Kayla explained why her two-year old daughter Arna needed to have blue oats. 

Kayla claimed that Arna is obsessed right now with the colour Blue. So she made her oats blue using blueberries so the toddler would eat her breakfast.

It was a difficult task to determine what my toddler would like to eat each day, just as any mom. Many people ask me what Arna eats, and if she is a picky eater. I say yes and no. Kayla shared a series images and wrote a few words.

‘SheShe isn’t fussy about WHAT she eats. But when it comes to the LOOK, SHAPE and COLOUR of her food, that is when the tantrums get started!!

“Last week, my sweet girl who loves oats decided she would only eat BLUE oats. This child is truly amazing.

Kayla added blended blueberries to the oats to make them blue. 

Eating fish during pregnancy

* Fish is a highly nutritious food and an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, Iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. If you are pregnant, or breastfeeding, all these nutrients offer important health benefits to your baby.

* The concern with eating fish is that the high mercury content in some types of fish can damage the nervous system of babies or young children.

* While all fish contain some methyl-mercury, most fish in Australian waters have very low mercury levels. Most people don’t consider mercury from fish to be a danger to their health. 

* The Australian Dietary Guidelines advise eating one or two fish meals per week for good health. There are only a few types of fish, that authorities recommend limiting in the diet – these are billfish (swordfish/broadbill and marlin), shark/flake, orange roughy and catfish.

* Pregnant women, women planning pregnancy and young children should limit their intake of shark (flake), broadbill, marlin and swordfish to no more than one serve per fortnight with no other fish to be consumed during that fortnight.

* Two to three serves (one serving is 150 grams) of other types of fish are quite safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women or for women planning pregnancy.

* 2-3 serves a week of fish with lower levels of mercury (see below) is quite safe. 


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