Kate Middleton had a 'phenomenal' mentor in Queen and 'ISN'T trying to emulate Diana', expert says

The Princess of Wales had a ‘phenomenal’ mentor in The Queen and is ‘not trying to emulate’ Princess Diana in her new role, an expert has claimed.

Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown, said the late monarch offered great support to the princess before she married into the royal family in 2011.

speaking to OKAY! the insider said Her Majesty “made her private office and her bridesmaids” available to Kate ahead of the royal wedding so she could familiarize herself with the inner workings of royal life.

The author said: ‘[This meant Kate] I could go and talk to them firsthand about what it was like to make real commitments and how one should behave. And he accepted that offer and made sure to benefit from that experience.’

The royal author claims the Queen was enormously supportive of the Princess of Wales, making her private office and ladies-in-waiting available to her before she married into the royal family in 2011. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen pictured together in Leicester in March of 2012

The Expert Says The New Princess Of Wales Is Not Trying To 'Emulate' Her Late Mother-In-Law And Is Instead 'Respecting' By Re-Wearing Her Jewellery. Princess Diana Pictured At A Royal Event In The 1990S

The expert says the new Princess of Wales is not trying to ’emulate’ her late mother-in-law and is instead ‘respecting’ by re-wearing her jewellery. Princess Diana pictured at a royal event in the 1990s

In turn, the expert highlighted how Kate always prioritized spending time with the late Queen, who wanted to make sure the future Princess of Wales was “well prepared” to take on the role.

Referring to how the couple took their children Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, to Balmoral every summer, they added: “They were precious and valuable moments for Kate to develop a close relationship with the Queen”.

And they had a good relationship. Part of that relationship was mentoring and the Queen being able to pass on her advice, her values ​​and her guidance.

As her mother-in-law was the last royal to hold the title of Princess of Wales, the expert said Kate is aware that she has “formidable shoes” to fill.

Royal Expert Katie Nicholl Says The Princess Of Wales Prioritized Spending The Summer With The Children And The Queen At Balmoral As It Was Moments

Royal expert Katie Nicholl says the Princess of Wales prioritized spending the summer with the children and the Queen at Balmoral as it was a “precious, precious” time. The Queen and Duchess of Cambridge photographed in July 2011

Princess Diana Wears The Lover'S Knot Tiara At A State Banquet In 1982.

The Princess Of Wales Wore The Tiara To A State Banquet At Buckingham Palace Last Week.

Left: Princess Diana wears the Lover’s Knot tiara at a state banquet in 1982. Right: The Princess of Wales wears the tiara at a state banquet at Buckingham Palace last week. Katie Nicholl says the Princess of Wales likes to ‘respect’ her mother-in-law with her style choices rather than ’emulate’ her in her role.

However, the expert says that Kate intends to “carve her own identity” into her new position.

“She’s not letting anything overshadow or overwhelm the Princess of Wales that she wants to be,” Katie added. “I think that’s a lot to her credit and her confidence.”

Rather than directly ’emulate’ Princess Diana, the expert says the Princess of Wales prefers to pay her respects with her jewellery.

At a state banquet at Buckingham Palace last week, the mother-of-three paired her bespoke white Jenny Packham gown with the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, which was a wedding gift to Princess Diana.

She completed her tiara with diamond and pearl drop earrings that also belonged to her late mother-in-law, and wore a blue sash and the Order of the Royal Family, comprising a portrait of the Queen on a yellow ribbon.

The Princess Of Wales (Pictured Speaking To A Young Girl At The Unveiling Of A Windrush Generation Statue In June 2022) Has Written An Article Highlighting The Importance Of Focusing On Early Years Development.

The Princess of Wales (pictured speaking to a young girl at the unveiling of a Windrush Generation statue in June 2022) has written an article highlighting the importance of focusing on early years development.

Kate, 40, (Pictured Visiting A Nursery In Edinburgh In 2021) Has Long Championed Early Years Development And The Importance Of Focusing On How Children Are Nurtured For The First Five Years Of Their Lives. Lives.

Kate, 40, (pictured visiting a nursery in Edinburgh in 2021) has long championed early years development and the importance of focusing on how children are nurtured for the first five years of their lives. lives.

Since assuming her new title as Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton has ensured that one thing remains at the top of her list of priorities: the mental health of the UK’s younger generations.

The princess, who often spoke about mental health and wellbeing when she was Duchess of Cambridge, wrote this weekend about the importance of nurturing and understanding the early years as part of her campaign to improve the wellbeing of young people.

Since assuming her new title following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, many of the Princess’s public engagements have focused on the mental well-being of children, young people and adults, from running a news program on adolescent mental health on the BBC Radio 1 to a visit to a neonatal unit in Surrey that cares for new mothers.

writing in The Telegraph, Kate, mother of three children, stressed the importance of the first years of a child’s life, from pregnancy to five years, in shaping their well-being throughout their lives, as the brain develops rapidly . She called on parents and professionals to recognize the ‘unique potential of early childhood’ in creating a safe, loving and nurturing environment for every child.

The Princess of Wales cited issues such as homelessness, poor mental health and addiction, noting that the first five years of a child’s life are key in determining how they will fare as adults. She called for more focus in these early years to effectively address these issues.

She concluded: “I am determined to continue to shed light on this issue and to do everything possible to ensure much greater focus on those crucial early years for the youngest members of our society – after all, they are our future.” ‘

Kate’s op-ed reflects several years of work on early years, maternal and adolescent mental health as she continues her quest to improve the nation’s well-being.

Last year, Kate launched the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, established to increase the focus on the first years of a child’s life to impact later life.

According to its website, the center focuses on three main areas: research on the importance of the early years; collaboration with the public, private and voluntary sectors to share knowledge; and campaigns to raise awareness on the issue.

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