Katarina Johnson-Thompson’s medal credentials for Tokyo Olympics are questioned after modest results

Katarina Johnson-Thompson’s medal records are still in question after another modest result in her final warm-up match for the Tokyo Olympics… with the heptathlon starting in just over two weeks

Questions about Katarina Johnson-Thompson’s Olympic medal qualifiers are mounting after modest results in her last competition before flying to Tokyo.

The world champion heptathlon took part in her third event in three weeks on Saturday during a small encounter in France as she chases late form after the huge setback of rupturing her Achilles tendon in late 2020.

She clocked 13.55 seconds in the 100 m hurdles, which is almost half a second lower than her personal best, as well as just 1.80 m in the high jump and 12.6 m in the shot put.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson’s medal credentials are the Tokyo Olympics being questioned; the heptathlon was in modest form after recovering from an Achilles tendon injury

Those results followed a respectable 1.84m high jump in her first outing in 10 months at the end of June.

The Liverpool-born 28-year-old then achieved a long jump result of just 6.10m at Gateshead last week.

Clearly Johnson-Thompson has been instructed by her coach Bertrand Valcin to limit her intensity in this final warm-up after such a serious injury.

The world champion heptathlon, 28, insisted that getting on the podium remains her main goal

The world champion heptathlon, 28, insisted that getting on the podium remains her main goal

Nevertheless, the task of meeting the medal standard looks increasingly difficult with just over two weeks before the heptathlon kicks off in Japan.

Johnson-Thompson, 28, insisted last week that her goal remained to get on the podium, saying: “My goals have not changed, but circumstances have changed.

“I just know I’m pushing every day to reach my goals.”