Katarina Johnson-Thompson releases emotional statement after heptathlon heartbreak at Olympics

Katarina Johnson-Thompson makes emotional statement after heartbreaking withdrawal from Olympic heptathlon due to a mid-course Achilles tendon injury, claiming she’s “needed some time to process and heal my mind and body”

Katarina Johnson-Thompson has revealed her “heartbreak” following her withdrawal from the women’s Olympic heptathlon due to an injury in an emotional statement on social media.

The Team GB star, who came to the Tokyo Games as the reigning World Champion in the event, was in contention for a medal when a pre-existing Achilles injury resurfaced midway through the 200m side of the event, meaning she’s should withdraw from the Olympics.

The Liverpool-born athlete struggled with the injury throughout 2021, starting the calendar year in a wheelchair, with Johnson-Thompson revealing it was a ‘miracle’ to make it to the starting line.

She captioned her statement with “Need some time to process and heal my mind and body” and admits “it will take a lot of time for me to process this reality.”

The statement began: “I don’t know where to begin to explain how I feel. Only a handful of people understand what I’ve been through.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson has made an emotional statement after her Olympic heartbreak

The Team GB star collapsed during her heptathlon bid with an Achilles tendon problem

The Team GB star collapsed during her heptathlon bid with an Achilles tendon problem

“Even a smaller number understand the mental and physical challenges I faced as I tried to travel back in time through a pandemic after my Achilles tendon ruptured in late December. I started the year in a wheelchair and I wasn’t willing to end my Olympic campaign the same way.

“It was a miracle to make it to the line. To not only do that, but be on your way to racking up a decent score is heartbreaking. I truly believed I was capable of winning a medal despite missing up to half a year of training.

“More than ever, I’m proud that I showed up, showed myself and tried. It would have been really easy to shy away and back off, to say I wasn’t ready and blame the injury, but I’m not that type of athlete or person. I’m a fighter, I’m rough AF (as f***) and I find it extremely hard to give up. I can rest easy knowing that I committed myself every day and pushed until I couldn’t push anymore.

“I sacrificed so much by moving my whole life to France five years ago, away from my family and friends. I have lost heart knowing that the work my team and I have done over the past 8 months was for this result and I hate that my story has turned into more heartbreak. I have been beaten so many times and got back on my feet, but it will take a lot of time to process this reality.

I appreciate everyone’s sweet messages. Thank you x.’

More to follow.