Kasich: I probably can not beat Trump today

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Ohio Gov John Kasich (R) says he is seriously considering a presidential run President TrumpDonald John TrumpActivists emphasize Trump ties with foreign autocrats in hotel light show Jose Canseco raises Trump for chief of staff: "Worried about you that every day you look more like a Twinkie & # 39; Dershowitz: the Mueller report contains & # 39; sins & # 39; but no & # 39; accusable violation & # 39; MORE, but admitted Thursday that he probably could not win a Republican primary today.

"If you are running as a Republican, you must feel that if you are in the primaries, you can win, and it is unlikely that it will win at the moment," he told the Associated Press in an exclusive interview. "But that is today, it is constantly changing."

He says that he still weighs up his options for 2020 and has his advisers monitor the headlines around the White House, including Trump's legal complications and the allegations of deposition.

"It's not like I would not do it," he told the AP. "You can not be afraid to do it."

Kasich, who leaves his office in January due to time limits, has already been president twice. He conveniently defeated a thinned primary field in the 2016 Ohio primary, but failed to win another primary or caucus. If he would run again, the crucial swing state would again be in play.

Primary challenges against incumbent presidents have been before, but are rare. The last instance was a failed rebellious campaign by Pat Buchanan against President George H.W. Bush in the 1992 presidential race.

Kasich has been a vocal critic of Trump both on issues of character and policy, calling his record "bleak".

"Rates are a bad idea Debt is a bad idea Family separation is a bad idea Demonstrating immigrants is a bad idea And breaking alliances is also bad," he told the AP.

Kasich said he would not have to worry that his criticism of the president would damage his relationship with the Republican national committee or party institution, saying he is "entitled to the people".

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