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Kari Lake Will Face Katie Hobbs in Arizona Governor’s Race

Kari Lake, who transformed herself from a veteran news anchor on local television to a far-right political movement bleacher in two years, won Arizona’s Republican primary for governor, according to The Associated Press.

Ms. Lake triumphed over a field with Karrin Taylor Robson — an ally of Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican who defied former President Donald J. Trump by defending the results of the 2020 Arizona election — and two other candidates.

Ms. Lake will face Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State, in the general election. It’s mr. Ducey banned by term limits to seek reelection.

Almost as soon as she left her Phoenix TV station in the spring of 2021, Ms. Lake began to repeatedly proclaim that Mr. Trump, who supported her that fall, had been cheated for a second term in office. After spending 25 years on local television, she attacked the news media as corrupt.

The contest was the last primary for the governor to become a proxy war between Mr Trump and the incumbent Republican power brokers.

As in Maryland and Illinois, where Trump-backed candidates toppled rivals backed by local GOP officials, Ms. Lake’s victory signaled the dwindling power of party donors and television spending. Ms. Taylor Robson, a developer who served on the Arizona Board of Regents, largely self-funded her campaign and spent millions more on TV advertising than Ms. Lake.

But in the end, Mr. Trump’s endorsement proved more valuable than anything Mrs. Taylor Robson could buy.

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