Kansas high school students shout the N word while waving a black doll at a basketball match

Two high schools in Kansas have opened an investigation after students were caught holding a black baby doll, and yelling the N word during a basketball match.

Saturday saw the Topeka High School basketball team face off against Valley Center High School. The fans in the stands began to bombard the Topeka players with ‘racial threats, slurs and disgusting taunts’.

You can also see some of the students in the video holding what appears like a black baby doll while they hurled insulting language at the opposition team.

The video appears to show a Valley Center fan holding the doll up as students call one of the players a ‘p***y.’ 

A video still shows what appears like a black baby doll that Valley Center students used as a taunt to Topeka High School students during a Saturday basketball match

Students Alleged Waved The Baby Doll Around As They Hurled Racial Epithets And Other Offensive Phrases As The Opposing Team

Students were alleged to have waved the baby doll around while they hurled racial epithets or other offensive phrases at the opposing side.

School Administrators Say The Game Between Rival Schools Got Heated And Both Fan Groups Became Rowdy And Loud

School officials say that the rival school game became heated and that both fan groups became loud and rowdy.

Topeka High School Coach Launched A Petition About The Incident Asking That Valley Central Student Spectators Be Banned From Games. The Petition Has Garnered 10,000 Signatures So Far

The incident was reported by Topeka High School’s coach. He created a petition on asking for the ban of Valley Central student spectators from Valley Central games. The petition has received 10,000 signatures to date

Geo Lyons (the coach of the Topeka team) launched Petition Shortly after the game, the police asked for students to be held responsible for their deplorable behavior.

Lyons reported that his players were threatened and lynched, as well as being called offensive names. 

He wrote, “Employees at Valley Center High School failed protect Topeka High From Racially slurs. Threats and Disgusting Tauts.” 

The petition specifically requests the exclusion of Valley Center High School fans from Valley Center High School sporting events. It has already collected more than 10,000 signatures.

Valley Center issued an apology Monday Statement To the Topeka team, that said: “First, we’re sorry. We are better than the behavior we displayed on Saturday.

“We don’t want anyone, especially visitors to our schools, to feel upset, insulted, or dissatisfied by our conduct. The behavior displayed was not in keeping with the district’s values or teachings.

“We are embarrassed by this display, and will work diligently for it to stop recurring,” it closed.

Valley Central spokesperson stated that the black baby doll visible in videos of Valley Central’s event was passed between students during the game.

The spokesperson said that while the “baby”, was not meant to be used as a threat to Topeka High School, it was seen and photographed by many. This caused hurt and concern, and that they were very sorry.

According to the school, the doll came to a student in a class on human growth and development. 

Valley Center officials stated that they have not seen any evidence of racist language used at the game. On Wednesday, Valley Center officials and Topeka administrators issued a joint statement, stating that they had launched an investigation into this incident.

On Wednesday, Administrators Both From Schools Announced They Were Launching A Joint Investigation Into The Incident

Administrators from both schools announced Wednesday that they would be launching a joint investigation into this incident

The Statement Read, 'As Both Districts Work In A Unified Manner To Investigate Matters Related To The Athletic Events On Saturday, We As Superintendents Are Both Committed To Ensuring A Safe And Respectful Climate At School Events'

The statement stated, “As both districts work in an unified manner to investigate matters relating to Saturday’s athletic events, we as superintendents are both dedicated to ensuring a safe environment at school events.”

The statement stated, “As both districts work together to investigate issues related to Saturday’s athletic events, we as superintendents are both committed towards ensuring a safe environment at school events.”

“Incidents that occurred when individuals failed to behave in a way that reflects our commitment to supporting students were handled and investigations are ongoing. 

It continued, “We will work together in order to ensure that the appropriate individuals are held responsible and work together for the prevention of such incidents in the future,”

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