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Kaminski on “Nightmare” and the Question of the Future


What’s next for Marcin Kaminski at FC Schalke 04? The long-injured centre-back has given an insight into his plans and hopes.

Among the many unlucky players at FC Schalke 04, Marcin Kaminski was probably one of the biggest this season. After just one game, the central defender was out for months due to a calf injury resulting from a glass cut and only returned in the last few weeks. A tough time for the defender, who could only follow the team, which had been weak for a long time, from the stands.

“Not being able to help in such difficult phases is a nightmare for a footballer,” said Kaminski to “WAZ”. The Pole was back on the field for S04 for the first time last match day and even scored a remarkable goal from a free kick in the important 5-2 win over Hertha BSC.

An important goal for Kaiminski personally, too, because the central defender doesn’t have much time left to recommend himself for a new contract. The current working paper for the 31-year-old veteran expires at the end of June. A topic that worries him.

“Of course I’m also thinking about my future, but the top priority is staying up with Schalke 04 – that’s the big goal for all of us,” he said, adding: “It’s important for me to be able to play again now and show myself. This is the only way I can convince those responsible of my qualities.”

Kaminski wants to stay at FC Schalke 04

The defender, who came to Gelsenkirchen from VfB Stuttgart at the time, has been playing for the Royal Blues since summer 2021 and has now built a small home in the Ruhr area.

“Of course my family asks if we can stay or if we have to move again. But my wife knew what she was getting into when she married me,” he explained with a grin, adding: “Having no planning security is one Dark side of life as a professional footballer.”

Kaminski would like to step back into the light and have certainty soon, but also emphasized that he can understand the club side because he has been injured for so long.

But the goal is definitely to stay at FC Schalke 04: “In any case, my family and I feel very comfortable. My daughter goes to kindergarten here, speaks German and has made friends, and my son now understands a lot too.”

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