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Kamala Harris says artificial intelligence is a fancy thing


Huh-me? Kamala Harris’ latest ‘word salad’ bug has VP trying to explain artificial intelligence, with VERY confusing results

  • Harris faced criticism for her comments at an AI roundtable on Wednesday.
  • The AI ​​is a fancy thing. First of all, it’s two letters,’ he explained.
  • It arrived a day after Harris had given a memorable explanation of transportation.

Vice President Kamala Harris is facing ridicule for her awkward last sentence, after she gave a confusing explanation about artificial intelligence.

The AI ​​is a fancy thing. First of all, it’s two letters. It stands for ‘artificial intelligence,’ Harris said at a roundtable of labor and civil rights leaders in Washington DC on Wednesday.

She continued: “It’s all about machine learning, so it’s taught to the machine, and part of the problem here is what information goes into the machine that it will then determine, and we can predict then, if we think about what information is going in, what will then be produced in terms of decisions and opinions that can be made through that process.’

The comments drew criticism from conservatives on Twitter, especially after the Republican posted a clip of the event. The National Committee’s @RNCResearch account, which was quick to pounce on Harris’ gaffes.

‘Why are you addressing us as if we were 5 years old?’ asked one user.

The AI ​​is a fancy thing. First of all, it’s two letters. It stands for “artificial intelligence,” Harris said at a roundtable of labor and civil rights leaders in Washington DC on Wednesday.

It came a day after the vice president faced similar criticism for her simplified explanation of transportation at an event with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday.

“This transportation issue is fundamentally about making sure that people have the ability to get where they need to go,” he told a gathering of disability rights advocates. It’s that basic.

Harris has had a number of similar recent gaffes, awkwardly spouting ‘word salad’ last Friday while trying to define ‘culture’ at the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

‘Culture is – is a reflection of our moment and our time. Good?’ mused the vice president.

“And today’s culture is how we express how we feel about the moment, and we should always find moments to express how we feel about the moment,” Harris continued.

‘That is a reflection of joy. Because, you know,’ she said, pausing and then bursting out laughing, ‘it comes in the morning.’

He then added: “We have to find ways to also express the way we feel about the moment in terms of having a language and a connection to the way people experience life.” And I also think of it that way.

Harris also drew attention for a rambling speech she gave in February about abortion.

“So I think it’s very important, as you’ve heard from so many incredible leaders for us at every moment and certainly this one, to see the moment in which we exist and we’re present, and to be able to contextualize that, to understand where we exist in history and in the moment when it relates not only to the past but also to the future,’ he said at the time.

While President Joe Biden, 80, gets into trouble for missteps and verbal errors, Harris has been accused of talking near nonsense at times, using cascading dependent clauses that make her sentences hard to decipher.

The Daily Show compared she disfavored the fictional character of Veep from the HBO show Selina Meyer, who had a penchant for using platitudes and circular explanations.

In real life, other vice presidents have also faced intense ridicule for their verbal missteps, as Republican Dan Quayle memorably discovered during the George HW Bush administration.

Biden has already pledged to keep Harris on the 2024 ticket, even though he faces approval ratings that are generally lower than his own.

At the end of june, according to FiveThirtyEight.comHarris had a disapproval rating of 51.3, with just 39.2 percent of Americans saying they approved of her.

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