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Justice Alito is accused of leaking 2014 Supreme Court landmark ruling – WhatsNew2Day

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr., who criticized the Roe v. Wade, was accused of revealing the landmark 2014 high court ruling related to contraception and religious rights.

The case, decided 5-4, allowed for-profit employers with religious objections to opt out of providing contraception coverage under Obamacare.

The Rev. Rob Schenck, 64, who upheld the high court’s ruling, revealed that he and his associates acquired the decision before it was published after a visit to Alito’s home, the New York Times


Schenck detailed the leak in a letter sent to Chief Justice John Roberts after the judge ordered an investigation into the leak of Alito’s draft opinion on the annulment of Roe v. Wade that sparked protests across the country.

At a recent event at a conservative think tank, Alito said the leak of the draft opinion that struck down the constitutional right to abortion “was a serious betrayal of trust.”

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. (pictured) was charged with revealing the high court’s landmark 2014 ruling related to contraception and religious rights.

The Rev. Rob Schenck (above), an evangelical leader who operated the nonprofit group Faith and Action in Washington DC, said two of his donors had dinner with Judge Alito and learned of the 2014 court decision, which which allowed Schenkc to prepare a PR push to support that

Schenck named donors to attend dinners with conservative judges to get closer to the Supreme Court. In the photo: Schenck (left) together with Alito (right) in 2006

In his letter to Roberts, Schenck, an evangelical leader who runs the nonprofit group Faith and Action in Washington DC, revealed that two of his donors dined with Alito in June before the court announced its decision later that month.

Reports indicate that the couple who met with Alito were Don and Gayle Wright, an Ohio couple appointed by Schenck to attend dinners with conservative judges as part of the reverend’s efforts to get closer to the Supreme Court.

“She suggested that in their table talk, she might learn the status of the case, something she knew he was interested in knowing,” Schenck wrote. “I received a follow-up message from her notifying me that she had indeed obtained the information from her during that visit.”

Through the information received, the reverend said he was able to mount a public relations push in support of the pro-religious rights decision.

He also admitted to passing the leak on to Steve Green, CEO of Hobby Lobby, the evangelical-owned craft store at the center of the 2014 case.

In a statement through a spokesperson, Alito acknowledged that he had dinner with the Wrights in June, but denied disclosing the decision.

‘[The] The allegation that my wife or I informed the Wrights of the outcome of the Hobby Lobby decision, or authorship of the Court’s opinion, is completely false. Alito said.

Neither Hobby Lobby nor Gayle immediately responded to’s request for comment. Don passed away in 2020.

Ohio couple Don (left) and Gayle Wright, donors to the Faith and Action group, were appointed by Schenck to approach Supreme Court justices. Gayle allegedly contacted Schenck when she learned of the court’s landmark 2014 decision.

Pictured: Schenck’s letter to Chief Justice John Roberts

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The Roe v. Leak Wade sparked protests across the country and in front of the Supreme Court, with extra security added after conservative judges’ homes were attacked.

The validity of Schenck’s accusation is unclear as the Times, which received a copy of his letter to Roberts, noted some gaps in his story.

Although a strong supporter of religious rights, Schenck has recently distanced himself from the evangelical community after his support for abortion rights.

Schenck told the Times that he has since regretted his actions and would like to help Roberts in some way to find the leaks in the high court.

“What we did was wrong,” Schenck said of his alleged work exploiting leaks.

Between 2000 and 2018, Schenck helped raise more than $30 million for his nonprofit, buying an office across the street from the high court to try to reach out to conservative judges.

He said he appointed friends and wealthy donors as “stealthy missionaries to get the job done.”

“I exploited my friendships,” Schenck told the Times. ‘Evil is in me.’

Republican-appointed justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett (circled) voted to strike down Roe v. Wade along with Samuel Alito.

Police presence has increased around the homes of Supreme Court justices after a man was arrested for the attempted murder of Brett Kavanaugh.

Members of the group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights protested outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, calling on her to stand up for women’s federal right to abortion.

Schenck’s allegations come just weeks after Alito condemned the leak of his draft opinion last May that ultimately struck down Roe v. Wade during an event in Washington DC organized by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

“The leak also made those of us who were thought to be in the majority support delisting Roe and Casey as assassination targets because it gave people a rational reason to think they could stop that from happening by killing one of us.” Alito said. on Tuesday.

Alito also gave no indication as to whether the court had identified who leaked the draft opinion to Politico weeks before it was scheduled to be released. However, he said the leak “was a serious betrayal of trust by someone.”

Since then, the Supreme Court has launched its investigation to uncover the leaker of the draft decision.

Alito said the leak left him “in shock” and “certainly changed the atmosphere on the court for the rest of the final period.”

The Supreme Court had been on high alert since June as a man had been charged with attempted murder after he was arrested near the Maryland home of conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Nicholas John Roske was arrested in June after showing up at Judge Kavanaugh’s home armed with a gun and knife. He turned himself in to US Marshals stationed in front of Kavanaugh’s house and admitted his intentions.

Alito also denounced the ongoing debate over the institution’s legitimacy amid backlash over its abortion decision last June. He said much of the criticism had focused on ‘character’ rather than the court’s rulings.


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