Just Stop Oil eco-fans arrested up to SEVEN times each during month of London roadblock mayhem

Just Stop Oil protesters were arrested up to seven times each during a month of roadblock mayhem in London this year.

Some members of the eco-fanatical group, which paralyzed the capital’s highways, have been arrested several times this fall as part of their outrageous demonstrations.

Official figures show that of the 755 people arrested between October 1 and November 4, 155 were detained by police more than once, just over one in five.

The Metropolitan Police have said those arrested cannot be charged quickly as officers have to scour security cameras and take witness statements before the matter goes to court.

A Just Stop Oil protester is arrested by police after blocking the road at the junction of Cannon Street and Queen Victoria Street in London on October 27.

Just Stop Oil Protesters Phoebe Plummer, Left, And Anna Holland, Right, Throw Soup At Vincent Van Gogh'S Masterpiece Sunflowers At The National Gallery.

Just Stop Oil protesters Phoebe Plummer, left, and Anna Holland, right, throw soup at Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece Sunflowers at the National Gallery.

Official figures from the force show that some protesters were able to participate in multiple protests, and one person was arrested seven times. The times reports.

The Met detained two people five times, 25 people four, 28 three, and 99 protesters at two demonstrations.

Of the 755 people arrested during their demonstrations in October and early November, 112 have since been charged.

He told the publication that most of the arrests in the first five weeks were for obstructing the highway, a misdemeanor that can only receive a maximum sentence of six months in prison.

While the police investigated many of these crimes, the protesters were released on bail, meaning they could join other demonstrations that were taking place.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told the Times: “We are determined to bring to justice all those who have acted unlawfully and have gone beyond protest to cause serious and criminal disturbance to the London public.”

“To date, it has taken more than 12,500 officer shifts to deal with Just Stop Oil activity, and hundreds more will be needed to prosecute all suspects until a judicial outcome is reached.”

A Just Stop Oil Protester Is Detained By Police After Being Knocked Off Dartford Bridge

A Just Stop Oil protester is detained by police after being knocked off Dartford Bridge

Eco-fans paralyzed much of London and the south-east earlier this year after embarking on more than 30 days of continuous protests.

This included blocking roads in the capital and climbing gantries on the M25 to force the ring road to close on multiple occasions.

A pair of protesters forced the closure of the Dartford Bridge for more than a day, causing chaos on one of the UK’s busiest roads.

They also focused on some of the world’s most recognizable cultural landmarks, with a couple of activists throwing soup at Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece Sunflowers.

Many were arrested, and earlier this month the climate protest group claimed that those jailed are “political prisoners.”

In a protest outside Westminster, dozens gathered in Parliament Square before marching through central London, chanting their demands that the government halt all new fossil fuel contracts.

They stopped in front of the Home Office, where they displayed their iconic orange Just Stop Oil signs and a long banner reading: “No prison for peaceful protest.”

JSO spokesperson Indigo Rumblelow said: “We will not sit back and watch as the government jails peaceful people for conspiring to care, while they take away all our rights and freedoms, while they continue to set the climate on fire.”

‘The new oil and gas is the greatest act of mass murder in human history. Those who support this criminal plan are complicit in genocide. They will be the ones who will be judged in the years to come.

‘Our supporters understand what the government and the police have not yet understood. Their laws and punishments mean nothing in the face of the certain collapse of our food supply, our orderly civil society, our peace and security. We face the loss of everything we hold dear.

“We will continue to hold out until the government takes a critical U-turn: announcing the end of new UK fossil fuel licences.”

It was reported last month that Suella Braverman would read the riot law to police chiefs and order them to do more to stop the chaos caused by the climate group.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is alleged to have called it “ridiculous” that eco-fans could shut down the M25 with their protests.

He is reported to have asked: ‘Why don’t the police arrest people?’

Police have been able to arrest anyone suspected of conspiring to cause public nuisance with new powers under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022.

This includes those who have stuck to the ground, while the courts have the power to impose sentences of up to 10 years in prison.

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