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Jurgen Klopp admits Liverpool’s season has been a ‘crisis’, but hopes it will make them stronger


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Jurgen Klopp believes Liverpool can be better off getting through the ‘crisis’ that has stalled his team’s 2022/23 season.

The Reds say they have had a ‘difficult season’. They have struggled to find form in the Premier League since opening day in August and were knocked out early in all three cup competitions despite reaching the final in 2022.

But Klopp’s side may now have turned a corner, with a seven-match unbeaten run heading into Saturday night’s encounter with Brentford.

The German said Liverpool’s struggles in recent months could help the club in the long run – and admits his job would have been in serious jeopardy at other clubs that regularly change managers.

Klopp told Sky Sports: “The way you behave in a crisis determines how you will be after the crisis. I thought we got through it fine, nothing between me and the players, the club, nothing. We knew we are responsible for it, but we have to solve it together.

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp admits the Reds have been through a ‘crisis’ this season

The German thinks he would have been 'turned away' from the managerial role at many other clubs

The German thinks he would have been ‘turned away’ from the managerial role at many other clubs

The main difference here is that at many other clubs the manager would have been sent off. That’s not cool, but then again you don’t have to go through it for that long!

“We’re glad we went through it, so now we’re on the other side of the tunnel and now we have to keep going and get something out of this season.”

Liverpool start the weekend four points behind Manchester United in fourth place in the Premier League – and they have played one game more than the Red Devils.

The Reds, however, have greatly boosted their own Champions League qualification hopes with their recent run, while Man United recently faltered at Brighton.

Liverpool’s recent performances have changed the feeling around the club – and the German hopes they will create a stronger foundation for next season.

Klopp said: “We all feel better now after winning a few games, it’s the biggest mood changer in the world of football.

“I’m still looking forward to a new season, that’s right, that hasn’t changed. We have the information we wanted, how the boys go through situations like this. You can always get something out of difficult times and we did that.’

The Reds had a 63-match campaign last season, on their way to winning the FA Cup and League Cup, and losing finalists in the Champions League.

Liverpool have struggled this season following the departure of Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich

Liverpool have struggled this season following the departure of Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich

Klopp admits he 'makes mistakes' but is already looking forward to next season

Klopp admits he ‘makes mistakes’ but is already looking forward to next season

They then lost Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich with replacement Luis Diaz missing through injury.

In addition, Klopp admits: ‘Obviously I make mistakes’, particularly with some of his line-ups, as Liverpool have struggled to match their previous high watermarks.

He believes his mentality as a “calm and thoughtful person” has helped him take matters off the sidelines. The German said: “I learned early on how to deal with setbacks, difficult moments in life and football.”

Klopp added: “Of course you doubt pretty much everything. That is very important in less good times when you question the right things. That’s a very normal human thing.

‘I know my trade, I know what to do with it. That doesn’t mean I always have the solution, but I don’t doubt that. The game is not rocket science. It’s football, the size of the field hasn’t changed since I’ve been in the game and a lot of other things.

Klopp believes Liverpool's future potential will ease some of this year's heartbreak

Klopp believes Liverpool’s future potential will ease some of this year’s heartbreak

“I’ve seen more football than 99.9 percent of the world’s population, so if I didn’t understand it, it would be very difficult. It’s just experience. Things can happen and you want to minimize the time you go through bad spells. This year we had a little trouble with that.’

He also believes Liverpool’s future potential will hopefully ease some of the issues that have arisen during this slightly trickier season. Klopp said: ‘I like this team, honestly. It’s a really good group.

‘Yes, we are going to change something, but the base is absolutely top notch. In terms of age, the basis is fine, in the front, last line, we also have super young talents in midfield and there is everything to look at it really positively and optimistically.

After the Brentford game, Liverpool travel to struggling sides Leicester City and Southampton on opposite sides of a Premier League home draw against Aston Villa.


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