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Jurassic World Evolution 2 gets feathered dinos next week in latest DLC


If you click a link and buy we might get a little commission. Read our editorial policy. Yutyrannus! Jeholopterus! More! Frontier Developments is broadening its ancient park management follow up Jurassic World Evolution 2 once again next Thursday, 30th March, with a line-up of feathered dinos – some friendly, others significantly less so – showing up as part of its most current paid DLC. Jurassic World Evolution 2’s Feathered Species Pack, as the DLC is understood, is another strictly creature-focused growth, including an overall of 4 news dinos: bipedal “feathered autocrat” Yutyrannus, flying Jeholopterus, omnivorous Deinocheirus, and pack-hunting Sinosauropteryx. Those 4 additions will cost ₤ 5.99/ EUR7.99/$7.99 USD when Jurassic World Evolution 2’s Feathered Species Pack – the video game’s 4th paid DLC because launch – gets here next week on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. urassic World Evolution 2: Feathered Species Pack statement traile.r Frontier notes it’s likewise launching a totally free upgrade for all gamers along with its Feathered Species Pack, presenting brand-new observation locations for visitors in the type of the Log Viewing Gallery and Dome Viewing Gallery, a brand-new Cinematic Camera Mode, and brand-new ornamental zip line versions. Coming in the complimentary upgrade on 30th March are 6 brand-new square levels for sandbox mode, plus brand-new settings for the likes of feeder reserves, earnings tax, and wild capture frequency.

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