Judge UNSEALS probable cause affidavit in Delphi Bridge murders case

BREAKING NEWS – Delphi murder victims shout ‘gun’ as man tells them to go down the hill’. Cops claim that they were given the unfinished round by his gun.

One of the Delphi Bridge victims shouted “gun” as she saw their killer moving towards them. An unspent cartridge found near the bodies of the girls was ‘cycled through the suspect’s firearm, according to probable cause affidavits.

The newly unsealed affidavit claims that Libby German (14 years old) and Abigail Williams (13) were killed by Richard Allen (50%), near the Monon Bridge High Trail. He kidnapped them on Feb 13, 2017.

It includes the last words that one of the girls spoke – ‘Gun.’ Before their killer ordered them Guys, down a hill. Police are yet to determine whether Abigail was the one who made the outburst. 

The bodies of the two girls were discovered near a stream on the next day. An unloaded.40 caliber cartridge was also found beside them. 

Last month saw a breakthrough in the case when cops managed to locate the pistol that was likely to have fired the bullet towards Allen’s house nearby. According to them, the bullet must have “cycled through” his gun. 

Allen was charged with felony murder in the deaths of the teens. Prosecutors claim that he killed the two teenagers while trying to kidnap him.

He However, he has not been charged with kidnapping. 

Richard Allen, the Delphi murder suspect remains in custody. Prosecutors believe that he may not have acted alone in the murders. 

Abigail Williams

Liberty German

Authorities have brought Allen to justice in the deaths Abigail Williams, 13 and Libby German 14, respectively.

The probable cause affidavit includes chilling eyewitness interviews. They suggest that Allen was at the bridge, waiting for his victims. 

Interviewed eyewitness, who was walking along the same trail that day as Allen, said that he saw the man on the bridge. They said he was  ‘kind of creepy’ and appeared ‘muddy and bloody’ at the time. 

He According to a witness, he was ahead of Williams and German, suggesting that he might have waited for his victims. 

Allen also admitted that cops were in the area on the day of the shootings in an interview he conducted in 2017. 

He said at the time that he decided to walk along the new Freedom Bridge, where he saw three females — saying one of them was taller and had brown or black hair.

Allen was then interviewed again on October 13, 2022, when he told investigators he had just gone on the bridge to watch fish — and once again insisted he did not interact with the teens.

Authorities believe he may have not acted alone.  

German Was Filmed By Her Friend And Fellow Victim Abigail Williams In February, 2017, Moments Before They Were Murdered

German was captured by Abigail Williams, her friend and fellow victim, in February 2017, just moments before they were assassinated.

The Last Video Taken On Their Cellphones Showed A Man In A Blue Carhartt Jacket And Jeans Approaching The Two Teens

Last video from their phones showed a man wearing a blue Carhartt jacket with jeans and approaching the teens.

Allen is asking for a judge’s permission to move his trial 150 miles away from Carroll County. This is despite five years of intense public attention that has surrounded the case.

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