Jose Mourinho ‘will wait to be back in football’ after Tottenham sack and reveals timeline of return


Jose Mourinho will not be in a hurry to return to football after Tottenham’s resignation and a return next season ‘could be premature’, but a new Premier League job seems most likely as he is ‘pressure-free’ in France and Germany almost excludes.

  • Mourinho discussed the timetable for his return to football after Spurs’ departure
  • But he ruled out working in a ‘pressure-free environment’ like France or Germany
  • The Portuguese will be an expert during the postponed Euro 2020 tournament
  • He added that Gareth Southgate’s England is “one of the candidates” to win it
  • The 58-year-old admitted that he was eager to finish his career in an international job

Jose Mourinho has revealed that a return to football next season could be ‘premature’ after being fired as a Tottenham coach.

Mourinho, 58, was fired by Spurs chairman Daniel Levy on April 19 with them seventh in the Premier League and less than a week before the Carabao Cup final, losing 1-0 to Manchester City under the age of 29. interim boss Ryan Metselaar.

Speak to the Times magazine also said the lack of competition in France and Germany put him off and discussed England’s prospects for the postponed European Championship tournament.

Jose Mourinho has started his next steps after being fired as manager of Tottenham

Mourinho will have pundit duty for talkSPORT when the euro kicks off next month and in the interview, most of which took place before he left Spurs, he said: ‘I have no plans, I will continue with my normal life. I feel fresh. I feel calm. I’m on vacation.

‘I have more time to do my homework and analysis. I’m waiting until I’m back in football. Not only for the right club, but also for the right culture. Maybe next season will be premature, we’ll see. ‘

Spurs ‘run under Mourinho makes it unlikely that he would be a candidate for the top jobs in Ligue 1 or Bundesliga if they came, but he said:’ In Germany and France, if you go to club A (Bayern) or club B goes (PSG), you know your fate is written down immediately. In England it is competition at the highest level. That attracted me.

He ruled out a move to Bayern Munich or Paris Saint-Germain due to the lack of competition

He ruled out a move to Bayern Munich or Paris Saint-Germain due to the lack of competition

‘It’s all about the pressure. I want it. I would always opt for pressure. I refuse to go to a country where the pressure does not exist. I refuse!’

Looking ahead to the euro, with England at the forefront of betting and Portugal making sense, Mourinho added: “England is one of the candidates. I don’t think they can run from it.

‘They play the group stage in England. And not only does England look good, nobody looks phenomenal. They have a home advantage, they set up camp at the Tottenham headquarters. They have had the same coach for a few years.

On Friday it was announced that Mourinho will participate in Talksport's coverage of the Euro Tournament

On Friday it was announced that Mourinho will participate in Talksport’s coverage of the Euro Tournament

And the Portuguese discussed prospects that Gareth Southgate's England side would win

And the Portuguese discussed prospects that Gareth Southgate’s England side would win

‘They have the experience of playing at the World Cup (Russia 2018) where they did very well. In that World Cup they were still a bit young. Marcus Rashford in that World Cup was still a little bit young. Many players the same. I think (there is) a great chance. ‘

The twice-former Chelsea boss then began his desire to manage an international squad at the end of his career.

‘One day I want to do it! I want to do a Euro or a World Cup! I can coach any team, Portugal or anyone. Portugal would be more natural because I could add the credit, but if one day I accept to do it for another country I want to feel the same honor. ‘

When asked about the job in England, he concluded diplomatically, “England has many options.”