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John Mulaney Reveals He Turned Down Hosting ‘The Daily Show’ After Jon Stewart Left Because He Was “Gun-Shy”


John Mulaney wishes he had been asked to host The daily show five years after he was.

The comedian, whose new special John Mulaney: Baby J is now on Netflix, recently discussed being asked to host the Comedy Central talk show after Jon Stewart left in 2015.

“It was shortly after the SNL 40th birthday,” Mulaney said during a performance on Doug Herzog and Jen Chaney Simple! podcast. “I had a sitcom on Fox. They had aired all 13 (episodes) but it was cancelled. It didn’t do good numbers, but critics at least taunted it. So it was a fun time.”

The Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers voice star recalled when Comedy Central’s then president Kent Alterman asked Mulaney if he would take on the role of host following Stewart’s departure.

“I was extremely flattered that you asked me about it,” Mulaney said. “I felt it would be big shoes to fill. I think I was also shy about putting myself out there at that point after the Fox run. And I felt all eyes would be on whoever came after Mr. Stewart.”

He continued, “It wasn’t the right thing at the time, but I remember saying to Kent, ‘I wish it was five years from now.’ And he said, “Yes, but it’s not.” I mean, I just remember Kent having this great tone of, “I hear you. I’m here to hear everything you have to say, but it’s right now, and we’re asking you about it, and we can’t hypothetically long talk over this dinner, John.’”

Trevor Noah eventually took over from Stewart, leaving his post in 2022 after seven years at the helm. “My time is up, but in the best way,” said the host when he announced his departure in September. Comedy Central filled its seat with a series of rotating guest hosts who headline the show on a weekly basis.

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