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Joe Mixon’s sister ‘arrested’ in connection to shooting at NFL star’s home

Hamilton County Attorney Melissa Powers and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office have informed us that no charges will be filed against Joe Mixon based on their investigation of the incident that took place at Joe’s residence in Cincinnati on March 6. . This is the conclusion we expected based on the facts that clearly show that Joe is innocent.

We have waited to make a statement to allow the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office time to conduct due diligence and complete their investigation.

Since the incident, there has been a great deal of coverage filled with inaccurate reports, misinformation, and just plain fabrications. We want to point out some relevant facts that have not been made public or need elaboration to clarify any discrepancies.

A few weeks before the incident, Joe’s address was made public incorrectly. After his address was released, Joe became the victim of multiple threats of physical harm and harassment on social media and at his Cincinnati residence. These threats have been well documented.

Prior to March 6, Joe had been out of town visiting family in California. He returned to Cincinnati and to his home on March 6. That night he was accompanied by his sister, his five children, his partner and his physical therapist at home.

On the night of the incident, several vehicles stopped in front of Joe’s house and blocked the street. This occurred when it was very dark outside. Joe and his physical therapist saw several people get out of the vehicles with what appeared to be weapons as they ran into their neighbors’ yards.

An individual was observed getting into the trunk of his vehicle, yelling instructions, and retrieving what appeared to be a long gun (at the time it appeared to be a “Kel-Tec” rifle). The individual ran down a back driveway from the residence yelling “F*** yeah.”

Threats against your life, cars blocking the streets, people running through the neighborhood with what appear to be firearms. Joe and his physical therapist felt threatened and feared for his safety and that of the young children in the residence.

At that point, Joe called the Bengals’ director of security to immediately send the police to the residence because he feared for the well-being of everyone at the residence. The physical therapist called 911 from a separate room. This recording of the 911 call has been made public and clearly shows the level of fear and concern in his voice about the situation as he hid behind a pillar in the house.

The adults inside then instructed the five young children to run to the basement to shelter-in-place out of harm’s way. Joe went out with the purpose of trying to find out what was going on outside his house. Joe had no intention of facing anyone, and neither did he. He did not intend to threaten anyone, nor did he. He did not intend to shoot anyone, nor did he.

He observed an individual carrying what appeared to be a rifle running directly onto his property as the individual continued to bark instructions. When another individual discharged a firearm, Joe intervened to apprehend the person who discharged a firearm.

Joe hates that a young adult was injured during this incident. He has been involved in youth activities in various capacities since he joined the Bengals and called Cincinnati home. His goal has always been to help our youth, not hurt them.

It is now known that the young adults were playing a game of running around neighborhoods performing paramilitary moves with plastic guns designed to look like real weapons. This is a known and recognized activity by both the local school district and the sheriff’s department.

Clearly, this is a serious problem, and we join all concerned parents, youth groups, teachers, and other school districts in looking into this game and helping find ways to encourage safe and smart participation throughout the day. An immense tragedy was narrowly averted in this case. We cannot allow other young adults to be exposed to this type of danger.