Joe Biden is called ‘creepy’ for looking out the window of the Nantucket restaurant

January 2015: Biden is shown kissing the head of Mitch McConnell’s young niece as her uncle is sworn in as Senate Majority Leader.

January 2015: In the photo, the then-Vice President leans in to speak with the young daughter of Democratic Senator Chris Coons.

February 2015: Biden is caught on camera touching Stephanie Carter as her husband, Ashton, is sworn in as Secretary of Defense.

The photo led to Biden being dubbed ‘Creepy Joe’ and ‘Creepy Veep’ in a Telegraph article published just days later.

Ms Carter later said of the photo that it had been “deceptively drawn from what was a longer moment between close friends”.

Biden is caught on camera touching Stephanie Carter as her husband, Ashton, is sworn in as Secretary of Defense.

March 2019: Former Nevada State Assemblywoman Lucy Flores goes public, accusing Biden of inappropriately kissing and touching her at a 2014 event.

April 2019: DJ Hill comes out saying Biden made her “very uncomfortable” when he played it in Minneapolis in 2012

April 2019: Caitlyn Caruso claims Biden gave her a hug that lasted “a little too long” when she was a teenage student attending an event dedicated to sexual assault in 2016

April 2019: Biden addressed the inappropriate touching claims in a video, saying: “I always try to be in my race, I always try to make a human connection.”

That is my responsibility, I think. I shake hands, I hug people. I grab men and women by the shoulders and tell them they can do this, whether they are women, men, young, old. It’s the way I’ve always been and I tried to show that I care about them and that I’m listening.

May 2019: Biden tells 10-year-old girl: ‘I bet you’re as bright as you are pretty’

March 2020: Former Senate staffer Tara Reade accuses Biden of sexually assaulting her in a hallway in 1993. He strenuously denies the allegation.

May 2020: Biden gave his teenage granddaughter a kiss on the lips while delivering a speech at a campaign event before the Iowa caucuses.

October 2020: Biden told a group of underage dancers: ‘I’m going back and I want to see these beautiful young ladies, I want to see them dance when they’re four years older too!’

May 2021: Biden told a grade-school girl who “looks like she’s 19, sitting there like a little cross-legged lady” during a speech at a Virginia military base.

October 2022: Biden appeared to grab a teenage girl by the shoulders and tell her, ‘no serious guys until you’re 30,’ as she posed for a photo at a California community college.

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