Jimmy Barnes reveals he was forced to cancel upcoming tour due to urgent surgery

Jimmy Barnes revealed that he had to cancel the upcoming tour due to his constant pain and urgent surgery needs.

Jimmy Barnes, a music legend, cancelled his summer tour to get urgent hip and back surgery to relieve chronic pain.

Now, the 66 year-old rocker has stated that he won’t take it easy during his recovery period which could last up five months.

Jimmy was interviewed on Tuesday by Channel 10’s The Project. He told Carrie Bickmore that he would like to record a new album and write a book in his spare time.

Jimmy Barnes, music legend, cancelled his summer tour in order to undergo urgent back and hip surgery. However, the rocker insists that he will not be taking things too easy during his long recovery period. Pictured right: Jimmy Barnes and Josh Teskey performing in Sydney at the APRA Awards 2021

Jimmy did not show any signs of pain in his live chat. He shared how he hated to let people down for having to cancel his tour.

He The viewer was told by him that his back pain makes it difficult for him to walk.

Jimmy said that he cancelled the gigs because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able deliver the high-quality show his fans demand.

He said that he couldn’t pass up the chance to finally heal his back pain after eight years of suffering.

Interviewed On Channel 10'S The Project On Tuesday, Jimmy (Pictured) Told Co-Host Carrie Bickmore He Wants To Write A New Album Of Songs And Finish A Book During His Recovery

Jimmy (pictured) spoke to Carrie Bickmore on Tuesday on Channel 10’s The Project. He said that he would like to finish a book and record new songs during his recovery.

Meanwhile, Jimmy still plans to take the stage at the VALO Adelaide 500 on Saturday, which will be his last show before his upcoming surgery.

Cold Chisel founder, who is well-known for his raspy vocals, said that he was taking things easy to prepare for the show.

He said, sounding happy, “Adelaide, it’s my hometown,” “And I think that the adrenaline of playing my hometown is going be enough to get me through it.

Showing No Signs Of Pain During His On-Air Chat, Jimmy Put On A Brave Face As He Told How He Hated To Let Fans Down For Taking The Difficult Step Of Cancelling His Tour (Pictured)

Jimmy didn’t show any pain during his chat on-air. He told his fans how disappointed he was for having to cancel his tour (pictured).

He continued, laughing, “And let’s face it,” he said, jokingly, “If I’m in a lot pain, there might just be a little more screaming than usual but who’s going to know?”  

Jimmy seemed confident when asked whether he is confident that he would be able to get fit to do the rescheduled trip.

He said, laughing, that “The hardest thing will be to keep me still for three month.”

The Music Legend Told The Project Viewers On Tuesday That Was 'Fine' But Was Feeling A Lot Of Pain Pictured: Jimmy On Stage In Auckland New Zealand In July, 2022

The music legend said Tuesday to The Project viewers that he was feeling fine but in pain. Pictured: Jimmy in Auckland New Zealand, July 2022

He He joked that he would be busy writing a rock and rolling album and finishing a book for the first two weeks of his recovery.

It comes after Jimmy uploaded a YouTube video explaining what he plans to do.

Jimmy, sitting at his desk, said, “I’ve been jumping from PAs and stomping about stages for almost 50 years, but it has finally caught up to me,” 

Asked About Whether He Was Confident That He Will Be Able To Be Fit Ready To Complete The Re-Scheduled Tour Jimmy Sounded Confident Pictured: Jimmy And His Wife, Jane Barnes On The Red Carpet At The 2021 Apra Music Awards

Asked about whether he was confident that he will be able to be fit ready to complete the re-scheduled tour Jimmy sounded confident Pictured: Jimmy and his wife, Jane Barnes on the red carpet at the 2021 APRA Music Awards 

“I have had chronic pain for many years due to niggling in my hips and nagging back. But, things got worse over the past few weeks. I am now experiencing constant and severe pain.” 

He Continued: ‘As everyone knows it’s against me to cancel shows, but the doctors tells me I need an operation as quickly as possible because it will really restrict my movement for the next few weeks.

Jimmy said it was a pain and inconvenience for everyone, but explained that he needs to get through surgery as quickly as possible to be able to “jump around onstage again for 50 more years”. 

Jimmy Jokingly Told Viewers Of The Project That His Plans To Write A Rock And Roll Album And Finish A Book Would Keep Him Busy 'For The First Two Weeks' Of His Recovery

Jimmy joked with viewers of The Project about his plans to finish a book and write a rock and rolling album.

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