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Jill Biden’s White House invitation to both women’s NCAA finalists was insinuated to be a race issue by Shaq.


Shaquille O’Neal Suggests Jill Biden’s White House Invitation To Both Ladies March Madness Finalists, LSU And Iowa Was A Racial Issue After Angel Reese Led Backlash: ‘You Know What It’s About’

  • Iowa lost 102-85 to LSU in this month’s college women’s basketball final
  • Many objected to the idea that the Hawks could also go to DC
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Angel Reese, Stephen A. Smith, and many others thought it was a bad idea to invite Jill Biden, the runner-up to the Iowa March Madness women, to the White House — and so did Shaquille O’Neal.

Biden, who attended LSU’s win over Iowa State in Dallas, came under fire for suggesting the Hawkeyes visit D.C., with the spokesperson forced to walk back the remarks and her husband, President Biden, appearing to stress that the idea would not be taken. blackboard.

But two weeks later, the situation still worries NBA legend and former LSU star Shaquille O’Neal.

While some, inclThe great podcastCo-host Nischelle Turner criticized the “sharing cup” mentality behind the first lady’s comments, and Shaq had another idea.

Shaquille O’Neal believes Iowa’s prospective invitation to the White House was racially motivated

Angel Reese described the idea that Iowa would also go to the White House as

Angel Reese called the idea that Iowa would also go to the White House a “joke.”

Jill Biden's spokesperson was forced to retract his remarks afterward

Jill Biden’s spokesperson was forced to retract his remarks afterward

“No, but that’s not what it was,” O’Neal said this week on the show.

That wasn’t what it was. I want people to use their imagination. You know what it was. I will not mention it. You know what it was about, right?

“We can say that,” Turner said. It has become a racial issue. It became an all-black girl team beating an all-white girl team. This is what it has become.

Co-host Spice Adams later added, “If Iowa had won, LSU probably wouldn’t have come there,” according to Spice Adams.

“You didn’t even mention LSU,” O’Neal said. “There probably isn’t.”

Reese, who was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, felt she was the target of racially motivated criticism after the title match.

The LSU player was roundly criticized by some for taunting Iowa State — including superstar Caitlin Clark — as the win ended 102-85 — while others pointed out similar behavior from Clark earlier in the tournament that went unchecked.

“All year I’ve been criticized about who I am,” Rees said after the final.

“I don’t fit into the box you all want me to be in. I’m very hood. I’m also a ghetto. But when other people do, you say nothing. So this was for girls who look like me, they’ll talk about what they believe in. It’s something He doesn’t apologize for you.

She called Biden’s proposal to invite Iowa to the White House a “joke,” and continued to lash out at the first lady on “I’m A Sportsman.”paper path“.

If we lose, we will not be invited to the White House. Remember, she made a comment about how both teams were invited because of sportsmanship. I’m like, “Are you saying that because of what you did?”

“Things like that bother me because you’re a woman at the end of the day, white, black, Mexican, it doesn’t matter. You’re supposed to get behind us before anything.”

Shaq co-host Nichelle Turner says bluntly that prospective Iowa call-up has become a 'race issue'

Shaq co-host Nichelle Turner says bluntly that prospective Iowa call-up has become a ‘race issue’

On his podcast this week, Shaq continued to turn down the potential invite.

And he said, “On the date I Go to the White House and All the Heroes Go to the White House, we didn’t mention Team Two, did we?”

But the fact that it was so in exchange for it. And the other, who lost, when they wanted to make it last. “Oh they were lost but they were there and all that.”

O’Neal, who campaigned for Biden in 2020, was a four-time NBA champion and visited the White House with the Lakers and Heat.

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