Jewelry Symbols that Stand the Test of Time

In the world of jewelry, some symbols come and go while others remain sought-after throughout centuries. When picking a symbol that is popular at the moment, you join the army of fashion-forward individuals for a day, but tomorrow, you will have to look for another trinket. However, if you invest your hard-earned money into something more enduring, your jewelry will stay relevant every year of infinity. What are these golden oldies of jewelry craft? Read further to find out the answer.

Geometric Symbols

What can be easier than a few lines put together? Despite this simplicity, triangles, squares, circles, and other geometric figures excite the minds of more than one generation of fashionistas. Since the minimalist trend is all the rage today, geometric shapes can be seen on the centerfold of almost any fashion magazine. But even when fashion designers switch their attention to something else, nobody is going to boo you for your triangle earrings or a circle-like pendant. That’s because they are timeless. 

Each geometric shape has its own unique meaning. A circle is an ideal symbol for those who need protection from negativity. It helps set priorities and suggests which is more important: mind or feelings. Since ancient times, people believed that the circle divides the universe into two parts: the internal (light and order) and external ones (darkness and chaos). A meaningful piece of jewelry will help you unite these two parts harmoniously. 

The square is a symbol of justice, stability, rigor, wisdom, equality, truth, and integrity. The square symbol helps collect your thoughts and put them in the right direction. Our ancestors believed that a square represented the universe: four equal sides of the square were associated with the cardinal points, seasons, and the main elements (fire, water, earth, air). 

A triangle has many interpretations based on its look. An up-pointing triangle stands for heaven and the feminine principle. It’s also associated with cold and water. An inverted triangle represents fire, masculinity, and the spiritual world. An isosceles triangle is a symbol of the Trinity, the soul, and the body. 

Celestial Bodies

The symbol of the moon is a good choice for people who invite changes, are open to new possibilities, and longing for self-improvement. The moon will help overcome difficulties and fears. It will illuminate life even in the darkest of nights. The ‘night star’ is a paragon of continuous transformations.

The sun symbolizes heroism, courage, strength, and creativity. The most prominent sun cults were among the Scythians as well as the peoples of North and South America. An amulet with the solar symbol reveals and enhances the inner potential of a person, as well as increases his or her vital energy. A piece of jewelry featuring the sun motifs is capable of eliminating troubles and pessimistic outlook as well as awakening a person’s desire to live and create.

The Heart 

The heart symbol has long been used to denote the spiritual, emotional, and moral foundations of a person. It is one of the most popular symbols of eternal love, mercy, and goodness. If it’s embedded into a piece of jewelry, it will aid to attract romance and harmony in a relationship. Heart jewelry is a must if you struggle to express your feelings, emotions, and intentions. It will also come in handy if you lack warmth in your life. 

Animal Symbols

What’s in common between a Carp Koi ring, a butterfly pin, and a cat pendant? All these pieces belong to the animalistic trend in jewelry. By the way, you can find plenty of such items at We love animals because we associate them with some of our best features. A cat is responsible for the feminine side of the personality, which is manifested through elegance, canning, and independence. However, if a cat is large enough to become a tiger or lion, it speaks of masculinity, boldness, and valor. 

Animalistic jewelry praises every inhabitant of the earth, the sky, and the water. Even creatures that we are scared of have plenty of positive meanings. Do you like snakes? Probably not. But what if I tell you that a snake is a symbol of intelligence, renewal, life, and health? Does it look more attractive now?  


The cross is a revered symbol of Christianity. However, not so many people know that before Catholics and Orthodox made it their symbol, the cross was used by ancient priests of various cults and religions. For this reason, crosses are ubiquitous in the ancient world.

Cross jewelry is beneficial for people who want to feel a connection with the world, gain spiritual strength, and find a purpose in life. In addition to religious meanings, the cross is also considered to be the core of the world, the so-called world tree. The source and meaning of life are in this symbol. A cross pendant of any other type of jewelry will help you make the right decision, get to know yourself, and become stronger.

The Ankh, the Egyptian cross, is one of the many varieties of the cross. It unites male and female energy, helps maintain family well-being, assists single people in search of love, as well as protects from negative influences. If you treat your cross with respect, it will bestow you with health, energy, and wisdom.