<pre><pre>Jessica Jones & # 39; last season trailer pits Marvel & # 39; s hero against yet another scary villain

The last season of the Marvel show from Netflix Jessica Jones is almost here, and his kick-off trailer teases dynamic fans familiar with: Jones versus creepy villain.


The trailer does not offer many clues about what the coming season has in store. The 35-second video focuses on a creepy voice that threatens to kill Jessica Jones while she hangs around in her apartment-running detective agency. However, if you slow down the trailer sufficiently, you will get a glimpse of this season's threat.

Image: Netflix

Netflix & # 39; s official plot description still has some details to offer: "When Jessica (Krysten Ritter) crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath, she and Trish (Rachael Taylor) must restore their broken relationship and work together to destroy him. But a devastating loss reveals their conflicting ideas about heroism and sets them on a collision course that will change them forever. "Typical Marvel-Netflix drama.

Jessica Jones& # 39; Third season is the end product of Marvel and the business cooperation of Netflix, which started in 2013. All other Defenders shows, including Luke Cage, Daredevil, The Punisher, Iron Fist, and The defenders have been canceled. The switch is part of Disney & # 39; s decision to end the overall deal with Netflix prior to launching the company's own streaming service, Disney +. Disney managers currently have no plans to continue the seasons of the Defenders shows and the company will have to wait a few years before the rights of Netflix to the characters have expired before they start developing those shows again. But all existing seasons of the Marvel shows from Netflix remain available on the service.

Jessica Jones & # 39; last season will be launched on Netflix on June 14.