Jesse Williams pleads against in-person deposition for ongoing lawsuit following 2020 car accident

Jesse Williams has reportedly asked not to attend a personal statement about a lawsuit following a car accident two years earlier.

The Cabin In The Woods star, 41, who has been cast to reprise his role in the upcoming Broadway play titled Take Me Out, fears contracting the Covid virus if placed in a crowded courtroom, according to TMZ.

The actor previously admitted to driving Paula Bruce’s car in the back in January 2020. However, she claimed that the star fled the scene, resulting in an ongoing lawsuit.

Lawsuit: Jesse Williams has reportedly asked not to attend a personal statement regarding a lawsuit following a car accident two years earlier; pictured in June in NYC

The alum of Grey’s Anatomy was subpoenaed to sit down for a statement by the attorney representing the other driver, the entertainment magazine reported.

While he has no problem making a statement, Williams is said to have pleaded with the judge to allow it to take place via Zoom, rather than in person.

The actor reportedly expressed his fear of catching Covid, which would prevent him from working on the Broadway play Take Me Out, which will officially open with previews later this month on October 27.

Certain fears: The Cabin In The Woods star, 41, who has been cast to reprise his role in the upcoming Broadway play titled Take Me Out, is afraid of contracting the Covid virus if he finds himself in a crowded courtroom posted, according to TMZ; seen in June in NYC

In early 2020, Jesse was involved in a car accident and has admitted to hitting Paula Bruce’s car from behind. reported TMZ at the time.

Bruce claimed that Williams fled the scene in the aftermath of the accident, and that she was physically injured and suffered emotional distress as a result, the outlet reported.

William Briggs, an attorney for the Chicago-born actor, told the outlet that while Williams was following Bruce’s vehicle, he did not flee the scene of the incident.

Future work: The star said if he catches the virus, he won’t be able to perform on the upcoming Broadway play for a certain number of dates; pictured in April in NYC

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Grey’s Anatomy alum: Jesse is known for working on several projects such as starring in the hit series, Grey’s Anatomy

Bruce told Williams she was fine after the incident and Williams contacted police to report the matter, Briggs told the outlet.

Police told Williams and Bruce to exchange insurance information as no one was injured in the accident, Briggs said.

Briggs said Williams and Bruce exchanged insurance and licensing information, and Williams photographed the damage in the accident.

Briggs said Williams left the scene after the information was exchanged, and the actor’s assistant came to the scene to monitor the arrival of a tow truck, while Williams left before the incident received publicity.

Other options: Jesse has asked the judge to allow a Zoom statement rather than in person, TMZ reported; seen in 2021 in West Hollywood

Other Court Appearances: The actor recently appeared in court with ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, to fight for visitation rights from his two children during his temporary move to NYC from Los Angeles while working on Broadway

However, after years of no communication between the two drivers, a lawyer for Bruce demanded $1.6 million from the actor’s insurance claiming the incident was a hit and run.

Briggs told the outlet that Bruce’s attorney said she would file a lawsuit against the actor, whom he called a “blatant attempt to blackmail Williams.”

Jesse is no stranger to the courtroom, and late last month in September, the actor appeared in court with his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, over a custody battle over their two children, Sadie and Maceo.

According to Peoplethe publication obtained official court documents showing that Jesse received visits from his children during his brief move to New York City from Los Angeles.

His ex-wife had initially requested that their children remain in LA at all times, but the court stated that the seven- and eight-year-olds can fly to the big apple on certain days from October to December and be with their father. as he reprises his Broadway role.


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