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Jesse Marsh will remember keeping Leeds in the Premier League “with great pride” as he spoke of the firing


Jesse Marsh talks about his ‘huge pride’ in keeping Leeds in the Premier League after breaking his silence two months after he was sacked…but his job title is ‘Head Coach at Leeds United’ on LinkedIn!

Jesse Marsh broke his silence on social media nearly two months after being sacked from Leeds, but the US manager has yet to update his job title on LinkedIn.

Marsh was fired on February 6 after less than a year in charge of Marcelo Bielsa amid the squad’s poor form this season, with Leeds only cleared of the relegation zone on goal difference at the time of his sacking.

The former RB Leipzig and New York Red Bulls manager shared his thoughts on his time at Leeds Friday in his first tweets since being sent off.

He wrote: “I’ve taken some time to myself over the last couple of months and it’s been a good opportunity to reflect on aspects of life while he’s at Leeds”.

“I am very proud of our achievements such as staying up on 21/22 and when I look back on my time at Leeds I will think of that with great pride.”

Jesse Marsh saved Leeds from relegation last season after Marcelo Bielsa was sent off

Marsh is still listed as Leeds coach on his LinkedIn profile, which he posted on Friday

Marsh is still listed as Leeds coach on his LinkedIn profile, which he posted on Friday

“I am also grateful to be working with such a fantastic group of players and staff and to have met some wonderful people at Yorkshire.

“I will take some time to think about the right next step but until then, I will enjoy my time with family and friends.”

Although Marsh has not coached Leeds since 5 February, he still lists himself as the club’s head coach on his LinkedIn profile.

Marsh shared his same comments from Twitter on the Action Network website.

His most recent post on the platform before Friday was about The Nine Types of Leaders by James Ashton.

“I found this reading particularly interesting because as a player I was very ruthless and it was always about winning,” he wrote in a post before his departure from Leeds.

As a coach I focus on results but I place more emphasis on culture, care, development, relationships and honesty, this was not something I expected when I became a coach.

I still find it hard to process the loss, it’s always a big thing to get over but after a bit of time I can get back to the core of what I believe in and who I am which is the person that connects with people. “

Since Marsh’s dismissal, he was seen attending the NCAA tournament in Princeton earlier this month, catching his school’s win with friends.

The American did well to keep Leeds promoted last season after taking over on February 28.

Javi Gracia has seen Leeds' results rise slightly and are in 14th with 11 matches remaining

Javi Gracia has seen Leeds’ results rise slightly and are in 14th with 11 matches remaining

And Leeds was just two points above the relegation zone and had the second worst goal difference in the league, as it leaked seven goals for Man City and six goals for Liverpool on another occasion.

Marsh eventually led the club to safety in a 2–1 victory over Brentford on the final day of the decision.

Meanwhile, Leeds have settled down a bit under new manager Javi Gracia.

The club are now in 14th place – although only two points above 18th – after a 4-2 win over Wolves on March 18.

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