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Jennifer Aniston Teases Adam Sandler’s Vogue-Approved Style and Her Dating Advice


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“Murder Mystery 2” star Jennifer Aniston gave co-star Adam Sandler a joke on Tuesday. “Tonight’s Program” weighing his affinity for underwear and his thoughts on her love life, including how far he’s gone to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor last weekend.

The “Friends” and “The Morning Show” star was among Sandler’s celebrity guests and friends who lightly roasted the “Happy Gilmore” and “Saturday Night Live” alum at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, when he was introduced to the award. prestigious award.

“It was a great honor. It was so sweet,” Aniston told host Jimmy Fallon. “I was more moved than I expected…and here we are honoring Sandman at the Kennedy Center Honors with the Mark Twain Prize.”

“He was wearing a suit! (He) never wears a suit,” she added. “It’s weird to see him in a suit. It looks as if he is playing dress up and looks very uncomfortable.”

The sportsman and basketball shorts-loving comedian further embraced his comfortable style when Vogue in 2021 named him fashion icon of that year – in the midst of the peak pandemic dressing. (GQ has also dubbed Sandler’s sartorial sensibilities as “Sandlerian style”.)

“Now it’s her thing: ‘Vogue said I’m amazing like that,’” Aniston added, imitating the gruff voice from the comic. “So, thanks, Vogue.”

The rebuke was fair to Aniston, given that she has known Sandler for more than 30 years. The two met at the now-closed Jerry’s Famous Deli on Ventura Boulevard when she was 20 and he was 22, she said. They went on to co-star in the 2011 comedy “Just Go With It” and the 2019 Netflix hit “Murder Mystery.”

Citing their long history, Fallon asked Aniston if she ever offered advice.

“No,” he said and chuckled. “If I get anything from him it’s, ‘What are you doing?’ – usually based on someone I’m dating – ‘What are you doing?! What’s wrong with you?!’ ”

Aniston’s love life and high-profile marriages have long been tabloid fodder, but the actress didn’t dwell on the potential headline-bait her personal comments would certainly generate.

“But I love taking care of it,” she added. “He is so concerned with taking care of everyone else, which he really does. And he doesn’t take care of himself. Sorry to call you on national TV, Adam, but you need to know this.”

The superstar said she keeps “an arsenal of herbs” in his trailer, makes him smoothies and gives him “all kinds of Chinese herbs when he’s exhausted.”

“I am the mobile pharmacy. I’m the doctor on the set…and (his wife of him) Jackie says, ‘Thanks, it lasted about a minute.'”

Aniston and Sandler’s latest film, “Murder Mystery 2,” begins streaming Friday on Netflix.

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