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Jennifer Aniston helps Jimmy Kimmel surprise a nurse who contracted COVID-19

Jennifer Aniston helped her friend Jimmy Kimmel surprise a cardiovascular nurse who left isolated from her children after contracting COVID-19.

The 51-year-old action video took part in an interview on Kimmel’s show Thursday to greet Kimball Fairbanks of St. George, Utah and praised the aid worker for her courage and selflessness while spending time with her two young daughters.

To make the nurse’s joy even greater, former Friends star Jennifer – who previously revealed she hadn’t left her home within three weeks – also gave Kimball a $ 10,000 Postmates gift card and additional gift cards for every other nurse on her floor.

After talking to Kimball one-on-one through a video connection, Jimmy, 52, said, “We wanted to cheer you up a bit, so I’d like you to meet someone. Her name is Jennifer. ‘

As Jennifer appeared on camera, she gushed, “I just have to say, God bless you and everyone out there doing what you do.

“I don’t even know how to express my gratitude for everything you do and endanger your health and all that. You are simply phenomenal. ‘

Jennifer inquired about Kimball’s recovery process before Jimmy asked if she had prepared meals for herself.

“I wish I could cook for myself,” admitted Kimball, who will return to work on April 8 and be reunited with her two young children. “But most of all, I just had food delivered.”

Jennifer then replied, “That’s good, because Jimmy figured you’d get a 10,000 gift card from Postmates,” before Jimmy added that all the nurses on her hospital floor would also get gift cards.

Before Jennifer surprised the nurse, she spoke candidly about her own experiences of being locked up, telling Jimmy, “I’m so happy to be with you … This is really the only communication I’ve had with people.”

The Hollywood actress, who revealed how long it was since she last left her home, said, “Today is three weeks … I’m an … agoraphobe, so for me personally it wasn’t that much big challenge.

“The most challenging thing is watching the news and trying to digest what’s going on. I have a late check-in in the morning and then I do a check-in again in the evening and that’s it, because the same thing actually regurgitates. ‘

The star further told Jimmy that she was cleaning and organizing, but recently forced herself to slow down a bit.

“Can we just say that I may have caught an OCD-like situation because I only brush constantly, the dishes are now my favorite, favorite thing in the world,” she said. “Not only do you do your dishes, you also wash your hands a lot.

“Organizing, I was kind of a crazy person the first week and then I realized I had to back off a bit because I was going to run out of the closets. Thirty more days [of lockdown], I have to adjust myself. ‘

Clearing out her closets, the star eventually made a journey through memory – and was reminded of a soap opera she lost to Jane Krakowski during the day.

She said, “I found some treasures, one was a Beta Max from the old VCR days and it was my first audition. I was 13 for Search For Tomorrow, which was a soap my dad was on at the time. I really want to see it!

“I was 13 years old and I thought I’d lost it forever, but I was sort of cleaning up old notes of old boxes. I make sure it is passed on … ‘

As she smiled at the memory, it didn’t quite go as she had hoped back then, as she revealed, “Actually, I lost the part. I didn’t get the part, if I remember correctly. Jane Krakowski got the part.

“The character’s name was TR and she was a 13-year-old runaway and I was visiting my dad on set. Search For Tomorrow was recorded in New York at the time. And on the bulletin board it was an audition for TR a 13 year old runaway, and I was like, I’m without the runaway part! ‘

However, her father, John Aniston, initially did not support the fact that his daughter was pushing for a career in show business, prompting the precocious teenager to find other ways to meet the casting agents.

“I actually went around his back and called his agent,” the star revealed. “I know how to make things happen.

‘I loved it. I was sure I would get it [the part]. And I was also like, “My dad is on the show – come on!” ‘

Jennifer also revealed that she found another gem while cleaning up her closets: ‘I pulled out a roll of film and it was my mom and dad the first year of the wedding and they were on the [Newlywed] Game. So that’s a jewel for me.

“If I remember correctly, they really won. It does not mean winning on the [Newlywed] Game will make a marriage last! ‘

As for hobbies, the actress told Jimmy that she was doing puzzles, after some encouragement from girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres.