Jelena Vucica Shah The Cosmetic Lounge: Top cosmetic injectable trends Simone Holtznagel’s therapist

Australia’s most renowned’skin queen’ has revealed the top trends in 2023. She also shared the secrets to a flawless complexion that doesn’t look ‘plastic’.

Jelena Shah, a cosmetic nurse from Australia and founder of The Cosmetic Lounge, has a large client list that includes models Simone Holtznagel (Laura Csortan), Indy Clinton, Phoebe Thompson and Indy Clinton.

She More than 11 years ago, she started in the industry as a skin therapist at the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery. She performed medical-grade peels and laser treatments. 

Jelena Shah (pictured) is a cosmetic nurse from Australia and founder of The Cosmetic Lounge

Her Client List Includes Simone Holtznagel

Her Client List Includes Indy Clinton

Her Models Simone Holtznagel (left), and Indy Clinton are among the clients.

“I worked alongside injectors that I truly aspired for. This was what inspired me to finish my degree in cosmetic injecting and continue my education. Jelena, who is a mom-of-three, explained to FEMAIL, “I wanted my clients to be the best version” of themselves. 

Jelena stated that five treatments are in high demand in her clinics: anti wrinkle treatments for frown lines, forehead, and crows feet; dermal filler in lips; cheek filler; non-surgical rhinoplasty.

She Her and her team are well-known for performing these treatments in such a way that clients’ natural features and facial structure are enhanced, rather than altered. 

Dermal Filler In The Chin (Pictured) Is Used To Make The Face Have A Slightly Longer Looking Appearance. Injecting Both Cheeks And Chin Gives The Face A More Heart Shaped Look, Which Everyone Is Loving At The Moment

To give the face a more extended appearance (pictured), dermal filler is used in the chin. The cheeks and the chin are injected together to give the face a more heart-shaped appearance, which is what everyone loves at the moment.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Pictured) Is A Popular Non-Invasive Treatment. This Is Where Filler Is Placed In The Nose To Make It Look Smaller And Also Hides Humps And Bumps

The popular non-invasive treatment for rhinoplasty is the non-surgical one (pictured). Filler is used to shrink the nose and hide bumps and humps.

Which are the top five most requested treatments by women?  

Anti-wrinkle: Frenzy, forehead, and crows’ feet are the most common areas to be treated.

Lip filler: Cosmetic Lounge is well-known for its natural-looking lips.

Cheek filler: This area is often requested by people who want to lift their faces.

Chin filler: The filler used is dermal filler. This gives the face a more youthful appearance. Everyone loves the heart-shaped look of injecting cheeks and chin.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty: Filler is used to shrink the nose and hide bumps and humps.

What are they turning to?

Russian lips:  It was a popular trend that was embraced by everyone who had their lips done. However, it only lasted for a year. This treatment uses a specific type of product that creates a sharp Cupid’s bow and flat appearance. When discussing the desired look with lip injections, many people decline that look. Instead, they want subtle lips filled with Cupid’s bow.

Jelena has observed a significant increase in clients looking for a natural and more tweaked look when it comes to emerging trends.

She stated that trends change all the time in cosmetics, so she would never recommend doing anything permanent.

“We’re seeing a lot more people asking about PRP injections (Platelet Rich plasma) I believe because people are so focused to look natural but still want work done.

Platelet rich plasma is made from the patient’s own platelets. This helps to speed up tissue regeneration and repair.

Jelena, Who Has Effortlessly Glowing Skin And A Flawless Profile, Regularly Gets Subtle Botox And Filler Tweaks But Also Swears By A Strict Skincare Routine With Products She Designed Herself

Jelena, with flawless skin and glowing complexion, is a regular recipient of Botox or filler treatments. However, she swears by a strict skincare regime that includes products she made.

It treats hair loss, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles (particularly under the eye), acne scarring, skin texture, tone  and quality, collagen production, stretch marks and restores moisture and glow.

Jelena says that there has been a decline in the number of clients who are interested in a technique called the “Russian lips”.

The trend lasted only about a year and was coveted by everyone who had their lips done. It involves using a product that gives the lips a flat, sharp Cupid’s bow.

Chin And Jaw Fillers (Pictured) Are Popular Way To Subtly Extend The Face For A More Refreshed And 'Snatched' Jawline

For a more refreshed,’snatched-looking’ jawline, chin and jaw fillers are a popular way to subtly increase the facial contour (pictured). 

“I have noticed that a lot people don’t want that look when they consult with me about what look they are trying to achieve through lip injections. Instead, they want subtle lips filled with Cupid’s bow. However, not as strong.

Jelena, a woman with flawless skin and glowing skin, is a regular recipient of Botox or filler tweaks. However, she swears by a strict skincare regime that includes products she made. 

‘tclSKIN’ has been around for a while, but it’s not launched properly yet as I’m still trying my packaging right.

“Mornings are a deep cleanse and brightening serum with tinted Zinc Hydration that protects and gives incredible coverage. It flies off the shelves,” she stated.

Before you dive in, here are the essential facts about cosmetic treatments

How often are you required to visit the anti-aging clinic? 

Anti-wrinkle injections can last up to six months on average. However, it is dependent upon factors like which area of the skin is being treated, how the skin reacts to treatment, and how much time you spend in sunlight.

How long does it take for anti-wrinkle treatment to begin?

You will start to see the onset of anti wrinkle treatments from 2 – 7 days. Your final results will appear 2 weeks after your first appointment 

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Are they painful?

The majority of patients find injections to be painless, quick and easy. A small sting sensation may be felt in some areas, but this usually disappears in a matter of seconds.

Which is the best age to begin?

Anti-aging injections can be a powerful preventative. Many patients love to use anti-aging injections for aesthetic purposes, even if they are only a small dose.

Is there any downtime when using cosmetic injectables

Allow up to 2 weeks for swelling or bruising to disappear. Most cases of bruising and swelling are minimal and easily covered. Most cases subside within 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

What is filler and how do they work?

Dermal fillers can be injected into different areas of the skin to increase volume, restore structure, and harmonize facial features. It can be used to balance your skin’s asymmetries and hydrate your skin. Although pain is subjective and varies from patient to patient, it is usually common and will go away once your treatment is completed.

What should you do to prepare for fillers

It is important to avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs 24 to 48 hours before treatment as this may increase the risk of swelling and bruising. Avoid any major cosmetic procedures or invasive treatments to the area.

You may not be eligible for treatment if your age is under 18.

‘Night time consists in the same routine. I just add a Repair serum, which is a type Vitamin A, and then I use alight Hydration.

Jelena says that women who try out tweakments for their first time make the biggest mistakes. Her biggest mistake when it comes to skincare is ‘not using anything at all on your skin’.

She said that small amounts of dermal filler should be spread evenly across the face. This is why it’s important to schedule more appointments.

“This is the thing that our clients love about The Cosmetic Lounge. They don’t try to convince them that they need too much. We create a plan, and we always recommend that you have less than is necessary. If it’s not enough, we can come back for more. My first timers like me to tell them that this will be a long journey and that they can take it as slow or fast as they want.

'Small Amounts Of Dermal Filler Spread Across The Whole Face And More Frequent Appointments Is Key,' She Said (Pictured Is Client Tiktoker Jessie Renee Wynter)

She said that’small amounts of dermal filler should be spread over the entire face, and it is important to have more appointments’ (pictured: client TikToker Jessie Renee Wynter).

It is important to get to know the person who injects your face. You can also see their work before you visit. 

“Look at their before and afters on social media. Make sure that the work isn’t edited and consistent. Review reviews. You can’t please everybody, but if they are good enough I would feel confident that this is a safe area to visit.

“As with all treatments, start with a small amount. It is important that the treatment be effective. However, you can discuss other options with your injector to decide what you are comfortable with. An injector who is skilled in providing options should be able to explain the benefits of each option.

Jelena’s Cosmetic lounge clinics are located in Wolli Creek and Penrith, as well as Wollongong. A fourth location will open in Paddington in the coming weeks. 

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