<pre><pre>Jeffrey Epstein was devising a plan to feed humanity with his DNA by impregnating women



The idea that technology can be used to help people transcend their natural limitations.

Transhumanists believe that we can control evolution through technology.

The idea is that people have improved nature by developing technology – taming it to function better.

Famous transhumanist David Pearce, co-founder of the largest transhumanist organization Humanity +, says: & If we want to live in paradise, we have to develop it ourselves. If we want eternal life, then we have to rewrite our error-ridden genetic code and become divine … only hi-tech solutions can ever eradicate the suffering of the world. Compassion alone is not enough. & # 39;



Eugenics was a term and philosophy coined by a British scientist, Francis Galton, in 1883.

Galton said: & # 39; The production of families of children likely to include degenerations must be stopped. & # 39;

He encouraged a movement that used scientific research to justify forced sterilization and racism.

The pioneers of the movement were researchers at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island, New York, who won a prize from the Nazis for their inspiration, before the Holocaust.

Charles Davenport, a respected biologist at the end of the 19th century who taught eugenics in Cold Spring Harbor, believed that we should encourage the propagation of Germans, whom he described as "frugal, intelligent, and honest". looked over Irish, whom he & # 39; considerably mentally & # 39; found flaw. & # 39;

In 1927, the American Supreme Court declared that eugenics was justified.

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes said that & three generations of imbeciles are enough & # 39; when he agreed that a woman, Carrie Buck, should be sterilized because she & # 39; mentally retarded & # 39; was supposed to. Since then, it has been shown that Buck has been designed in such a way that the state of Virginia (and others) can be justified by forcefully sterilizing tens of thousands of people based on their perceived intelligence.


The laws remain in force in the books in the US.

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