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Jeff Bezos ‘interested in buying Seahawks’, with billionaire considering moving away from Commanders

Jeff Bezos ‘is interested in buying NFL’s Seahawks,’ with Amazon billionaire considering moving to Seattle franchise as Dan Snyder ‘trying to keep him away from Commanders’

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has been linked to the Commanders for months, but the Washington franchise is reportedly not the only one he may own.

Bezos was reportedly turned down at Commanders owner Dan Snyder’s private auction because the team’s longtime owner wants to dissuade Bezos from buying the team.

And while his dream of buying the Washington franchise might be dead, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated has said he would be interested in buying the Seahawks – “if not more so” than the Commanders.

The team’s longtime owner, Paul Allen, passed away in 2018, and the team is now owned by The Paul Allen Trust.

That trust is led by Allen’s sister, Jody Allen, who serves as the team’s president.

Jeff Bezos is reportedly interested in buying the Seahawks after ties to the Commanders

The Seahawks are owned by the Paul Allen Trust after his death in 2018

The Seahawks are owned by the Paul Allen Trust after his death in 2018

However, Colts owner and Allen’s friend Jim Irsay said last year that the franchise could soon be up for sale, and Bezos is now reportedly interested in buying the team.

“Seattle – with Paul Allen, my friend sadly passed away and that team is in a trust – will be available in the 2024 range,” he told Bloomberg last year.

As for the commanders, Snyder announced late last year that he is exploring the possibility of selling the embattled team, following investigations into sexual harassment, hostile workplaces and fraud.

In the aftermath, it was reported that Snyder values ​​the franchise at around $7 billion, and a deadline was set last week for potential bidders to come forward in a private auction.

The New York Post reported that Bezos wanted to be part of the process because he sees a possible bid, but Snyder denied him entry to the auction and does not want to sell to the former richest man in the world.

Snyder is reportedly holding $7 billion for the franchise, which he's owned since 1999

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder is waiting for $7 billion for the franchise

The Commanders went 8-8-1 last season as they narrowly missed the NFL playoffs

The Commanders went 8-8-1 last season as they narrowly missed the NFL playoffs

It is alleged that Snyder harbors a grudge against Bezos – owner of the Washington Post – after the newspaper published a series of articles exposing alleged misconduct by the commanders.

Snyder denied the harassment allegations.

In the private auction, Snyder reportedly received no bids close to the $7 million he would like to get back from the team he bought for a then-record $800 million in 1999, with $5.5 billion from a unnamed party’s highest ever bid. the last round of bidding.

At the turn of the year, it was reported that Snyder’s highest bid was $6.3 billion from the first auction, but the incumbent owner is still waiting for more.

Forbes currently lists Bezos’ net worth at $119 billion, though his fortune matters little to the Commanders auction if he doesn’t participate in the bidding process.