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Jeff Bezos commits $ 10 billion to combat climate change

Today Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he would use $ 10 billion to combat climate change through a new fund called the Bezos Earth Fund.

He announced a new fund in a position on Instagram. Amazon confirmed the fund’s existence The edge:

Bezos said the money will be used to help scientists, activists, NGOs and “every attempt that offers a real opportunity” to protect the earth from the effects of climate change. He said he is going to spend grants this summer, but at the moment there are no details besides what Bezos has shared on Instagram, so it is unclear how and when grant applications will be accepted.

Bezos is worth around $ 130 billion, so capturing $ 10 billion in philanthropy does not mean much of Bezos’ assets. Bezos has not been as vocal as other tech billionaires about his philanthropy, although in 2018 he announced a network of free non-profit kindergartens to be built in low-income communities. And in 2017, he interviewed Twitter for philanthropic ideas that could help people in need in the short term.