Jay Leno triumphantly returns to the stage, two weeks after his fiery accident

Just six days after being released from a burn center following a fiery accident that badly burned his face, chest and hands, Jay Leno returned to the stage to deliver his brand of comedy, according to CNN.

On Sunday, the legendary comedian was greeted by a sold-out crowd at The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California, who were happy to see him return for his regular late-night performance.

The venue has served as Leno’s base of operations nearly every Sunday since the early 1990s, as a place where he can try out new material for his stand-up act and old Tonight Show monologues.

Looking Good: The Comedian Was Dressed In A Black Suit, While Some Of His Injuries On His Hands Were Visible

Triumphant comeback: Jay Leno, 72, returned to the stage for the first time since a vicious accident in his garage badly burned his face, chest and hands

Leno, 72, was first seen driving to the club with his loving wife Mavis sitting next to him in the passenger seat.

When he pulled up, there were already lines of people lining the sidewalk hoping to get inside to see the comedian’s triumphant return from the terrifying accident.

The club’s beachside location has long been a favorite destination for comedians and audience members alike. Many of the top comedians like Leno in the industry have called it and continue to call it their home club.

Club staff made a ‘Welcome Back Jay’ sign, which also read ‘We love you’.

Once inside, Leno and his wife joined the owner of the club, who sat with them for part of the night.

Comeback: A Group Of Media And Fans Gathered Outside The Club As It Came To A Halt

Comeback: A group of media and fans gathered outside the club as it came to a halt

Supportive: Leno Stopped By The Club With His Wife Mavis, Who Are Celebrating Their 42Nd Wedding Anniversary On November 30.

Supportive: Leno stopped by the club with his wife Mavis, who are celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary on November 30.

Beaming: The Legendary Funnyman Was All Smiles As He Met The Media And Fans Outside The Club.

Beaming: The legendary funnyman was all smiles as he met the media and fans outside the club.

Looking Good: Leno Chatted With Fans And Media Before Walking In With His Wife And Club Owner

Looking good: Leno chatted with fans and media before walking in with his wife and club owner

From the moment he arrived, the New Rochelle, New York, native appeared to be his usual self, in good spirits and happy, while the burns on his hands and face appeared to be healing.

He then proceeded to take the stage and do a round of jokes, mostly making fun of himself, all while making light of the accident.

The accident occurred on November 12 while Leno was working under one of the many vintage vehicles he owns that are stored in his garage in Burbank.

While it was starting up, a gas leak ended up causing an explosion that set it on fire.

The funnyman was rushed to the hospital with second and third degree burns to his face, chest and hands.

Hilarious: Leno Didn'T Wait To Enter The Club To Start Rattling Off Some Jokes With The Crowd

Hilarious: Leno didn’t wait to enter the club to start rattling off some jokes with the crowd

Taking Photos: People Snapped Photo After Photo As The Comedian Made His Way To The Front Of The Club.

Taking photos: People snapped photo after photo as the comedian made his way to the front of the club.

Escorted: Leno Was Greeted By The Club Owner Before Going Inside To Do His Show.

Escorted: Leno was greeted by the club owner before going inside to do his show.

Making The Rounds: Leno Answered Questions From The Media Before Heading To The Club

Making the rounds: Leno answered questions from the media before heading to the club

Arrival: The Comedian Looked Stunned By The Greeting

Arrival: The New York Native Went Out Of His Way To Chat With The Fans

Opening: Leno has been using the club as a sounding board for new jokes since the early 1990s

Miraculous: Leno Was Released From The Burn Center Just Six Days Early

Miraculous: Leno was released from the burn center just six days early

Ultimately, he was transferred to the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, where he would end up receiving 10 days of treatment, which included two surgical procedures to treat his injuries, according to his doctor, Dr. Peter Grossman.

The former Tonight Show host was seen for the first time since the accident last Monday as he was saying goodbye to the team of doctors, nurses and other specialists at the Grossman Burn Center.

In an interview with Eastern Time, Dr. Grossman revealed that Leno suffered “significant injuries” but is “doing very well,” which was apparently helped by being a “strong individual” with a “strong attitude.”

Leno is scheduled to perform three additional shows at The Comedy & Magic Club in December.

In Recovery: The Wounds On His Hands Were Visible But Looked Much Better Than Reported Days Earlier.

In recovery: The wounds on his hands were visible but looked much better than reported days earlier.

Love Fest: Leno Greeted Some Old Friends And Colleagues In Front Of The Clu

Love fest: Leno greeted some old friends and colleagues in front of the clu

Healing: The Former Tonight Show Host Was Seen For The First Time Since Last Monday'S Crash

Healing: The former Tonight Show host was seen for the first time since last Monday’s crash

The End Of The Joke: Leno Finally Came In And Did His Show, Which Included Downplaying His Accident.

The end of the joke: Leno finally came in and did his show, which included downplaying his accident.

He'Ll Be Back For More: Leno Is Scheduled To Perform Three Additional Shows At The Comedy Magic Club In December.

He’ll be back for more: Leno is scheduled to perform three additional shows at The Comedy Magic Club in December.

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