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Jason Sudeikis Takes A Blow In Custody Battle As Olivia Wilde Alleges Financial Problems


“Ted Lasso” star Jason Sudeikis’ request to move his custody battle with ex Olivia Wilde to New York was denied because Wilde argued that ongoing litigation is draining his finances.

A hearing scheduled for Friday in Los Angeles was meant to address where the case of the former couple’s two children, Daisy, 6, and Otis, 8, 8, would be heard. But the hearing was canceled after both sides failed to meet. presented.

Separately, Sudeikis wanted the case moved to a New York City court instead of remaining in Los Angeles, where it originated and where the children lived and attended school for most of their lives.

However, New York Magistrate Adele Alexis Harris rejected Sudeikis’ second attempt to move the case to the East Coast on Thursday. TMZ informed. his first try was denied in August 2022 when California was ruled the children’s state of origin.

On Friday, the daily mail he said he had obtained documents from Wilde’s legal team alleging that Sudeikis was aiming to sue the “Don’t Worry Darling” director over debt. Wilde also claimed in the documents that Sudeikis was “disguised” and acted in bad faith.

“While Jason can afford to spin his wheels with presentation after presentation, Olivia cannot,” her lawyers wrote before the canceled hearing, according to the Daily Mail. “Jason seems intent on throwing whatever he can at the wall to see what sticks, and this Request for Order Seeking Stay of California Paternity Action is just the latest example.”

The filing also alleges that while Wilde does not know the precise details of the “Sleeping With Other People” star’s finances, stating that he refused to respond to discovery attempts, she says that he is “much richer.” that she

Despite arguing that she was being litigated for debt, Wilde revealed in an income statement that her total assets stand at $10,569,736, but much of that is wrapped up in stocks and real estate. She said that she spends $107,000 a month on various expenses, including a $58,000 mortgage, and has $645,187 in bank accounts. Wilde said that she earns $71,667 a month.

That hearing was still on the Los Angeles court docket as of Friday morning. Neither the feuding ex-couple nor her lawyers showed up for the hearing, so it was removed from the court calendar and a new hearing date has yet to be scheduled, according to the Daily Mail.

Wilde insists that the matter has been resolved and the case must remain in Los Angeles.

According to Wilde’s statement, she was under the impression that things had turned towards an amicable resolution earlier this year, but was shocked when she learned of Sudeikis’ legal tactics.

“We were scheduled to start working with a family therapist in California in mid-January. I thought things were calming down and they were going to move forward in a more friendly and respectful way,” Wilde said.

“Instead, I learned on January 10, 2023 that the entire time I was negotiating parenting time in California (Jason) he was planning to proceed with the New York child support proceeding behind my back.”

Wilde then alleged that Sudeikis and his team maliciously withheld a court date for January 4, so Wilde and his lawyers would not be present to discuss the case.

“I am completely stumped as to why he thinks engaging in bullying or deceit will serve him or our children’s best interests,” Wilde continued.

In April 2022, Wilde received custody papers in a cryptic envelope while presenting his film “Don’t Worry Darling” at CinemaCon, an event attended by thousands of entertainment industry members and journalists.

Later that month, a representative for Sudeikis told The Times that “Mr. Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of the time or place the envelope would have been delivered, as this would depend solely on the procedural services company involved and he would never tolerate it being delivered in such an inappropriate manner.”

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