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Jason Momoa promotes bare-bottomed clothing line on Instagram

Jason Momoa posted a cheeky video on Instagram on Thursday, showing off his butt while promoting his clothing line.

The 43-year-old “Aquaman” actor has partnered with climbing clothing company So iLL for a clothing and gear line called On the Roam. on thursday instagram videoMomoa modeled the line’s Yaya Lavender Nakoa jersey.

“Look at him,” he said in the video. “So we bought all our new shirts. We have purple, pink, lavender, black and, check it out.”

When the camera panned, Momoa revealed that he was wearing matching On the Roam Kanaka sandals, a traditional Hawaiian baddie and nothing else. “It matches the shoes, you know what I mean?” he said.

As she strutted away, she gave the camera a full view of her exposed butt.

Momoa has shown his butt before, of course. In November, she stripped down to her bad in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” when Kimmel asked about a photo of the “Game of Thrones” alum wearing the loincloth on a fishing expedition.

“That’s a traditional bad, it’s what the Hawaiians wear,” Momoa explained. “I’m a creator, writer, director, producer and actor on this (Apple TV+) series called ‘War Chief,’ and it’s all about 1780-1790 Hawaii. That’s what I wear every day, and I was preparing for the role, because I like to get into character. And then I was tanning my white butt.”

Before stripping down and showing the audience a glimpse of her exposed rear end, Momoa said that she wears her baddie all the time. “In fact, I don’t even like to wear clothes anymore,” she said. “I mean, I’m in (the bad) every day.”

But when Kimmel asked if Momoa even wears his baddie to go to the movies, the actor said, “No, Jimmy. I don’t want to catch something.

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